Happy Birthday Grannie...one day late!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005
My Grannie actually has two birthdays, so I am not really late! And I did call her yesterday to wish her a Happy Birthday, too!!!

For years my Grannie celebrated her birthday on August 16th...then, I don't know when, she got a copy of her birth certificate and saw that it said her date of birth was August 15th. So, I kinda alternate the days or celebrate on each day!!! This year she turned 91 years old!

This is me and Grannie back in May at my neice's baby shower. I usually call several times a week on my way home to chit chat w/ her. She is always on the go, though so sometimes it is hard to catch her home!! Grannie has a great memory and tells wonderful stories from long ago. She is also a poetess. She has written a poem every year for me in my birthday cards & for others in the family, too. Special events usually have something read that Grannie wrote - weddings, reunions, etc. She wrote a nice one for my sister's surprise 50th b'day party that was so sweet & so funny, too! She has the greatest sense of humor of anyone in our family & loves to laugh!!! It's so funny to watch her get tickled (not gitcha gitcha...but finding something funny) b/c sometimes it is really hard for her to quit laughing! And, she is extremely ticklish on the bottom of her feet, too!!!! I took her for a spa manicure last weekend when she was here & though she wanted to have the pedicure portion as well, she didn't think she would be able to handle them rubbing her feet b/c she is so ticklish!!!

So...happy birthday Grannie! I love you very, very much!