Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Class was good last night.

I think I am going to like this professor, too. He seems very fair & casual about things. We're going to have a lot of work to do mainly on a semester project that we all have to do. At least this one isn't a group project & we have two options to follow. I am not 100% which option I am going to take, but I am leaning to one over the other!

He also doesn't like to stay too late at night, which is awesome! Class is supposed to last until 8:50 & most professors give about a ten minute break in the middle. He says he wants to be out every night by 8:00 (unless of course we need to catch up on material or someting) & that he doesn't give ten minute breaks b/c then 10 becomes 15 minutes & he hates to waste 15 minutes of class time to leave at 8:15 rather than working through and leaving at 8:00. No one argued w/ him & when he asked if we still wanted to be able to take a break no one answered. So...if you're thirsty & didn't bring something to drink to class get up & get some water or go to the bathroom if you need to; just hurry b/c class will continue!! I don't mind that at all!

He has an accent; he's Indian. It really isn't hard to understand, but his volume & speed goes back & forth while he's talking so you have to really pay attention or you'll lose what's being said!!! Fortunately, he has no problems being asked to repeat anything & doesn't get offended at all if people say they don't understand something he is saying b/c of his accent. He explained that if he couldn't say it at all where you could understand he would simply write it on the dry erase board!! Ha ha!!!

I do have to get a calculator for class, though. I don't have a financial calculator; can ya believe that?? I did have one in college, but I gave that one to my father. I had one ordered this morning, though so I should have it tomorrow. It's a BA II Plus Professional by Texas Instruments. Nice's also the same one the professor uses. He likes this one also b/c it has an attachment that enables him to work problems on his calculator while it sits on an overhead projector so that we can all see what he's doing. I figure if I have to learn a new calculator, might as well get the same on as the professor!

So, it's back to the books!

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