Another happy couple hitched!!

Sunday, August 21, 2005


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We had a great time this weekend at the wedding! The rehearsal & dinner were Friday night & everyone seemed so relaxed & just had fun. I could tell Jessica was a bit stressed, but she handled everything very well! Afterwards Michael & I went riding around for a while & went to my sister's house for a while to visit. Saturday morning we did the same thing...just rode around, went out to the lake, and had lunch back in town before having to get ready for the wedding.

The wedding went so well! We were a little worried about the kiddos b/c they played so much during rehearsal, but they were all so good! Everything went well during the ceremony & even got a few laughs! Afterwards we hung around for a bit for pictures & then made our way to my brother's house where they had the tent set up for the reception! It was so beautiful!! I think everyone had a great time!

We hung around for a bit after the newlyweds left (they ran out to everyone holding sparklers) & danced & visited w/ everyone...then we headed back to my parents'. We were so tired!!! Sunday morning we got up & I fixed breakfast for everyone & then headed home. Jessica & Tommy came over last night. They are leaving on a cruise out of Galveston this afternoon so I told them they were welcome to stay with us so they didn't have to leave so early in the morning. They got in around 7:30. We had a good evening w/ them talking about everything that happened the night before! We talked for a long time then grabbed a bite to eat & sat down to watch TV for a that time we were all pretty tired so we went to bed. Michael & I left them asleep this morning since we have to leave so early. I haven't heard from them this morning, but I am sure they are up by now since they have to be in Galveston at noon. I might call just to make sure, though!!!

Now it's back to work! We have a 2nd b'day party this weekend for Miss Abigail, the following Tuesday I start back to classes, then the next weekend is The Stanley Cup (annual clay shoot at my sister's), then the following weekend is yet another wedding!!! I think our calendars are pretty clear after all that, though. I just hope they stay that way!