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I got my camera! I got my camera!!!!

Granted I had to drive over the FedEx sort facility last night to pick it up b/c it required a signature, but nonetheless, I got it!

I must say, too, that finding this place last night was an adventure in itself! I looked it up on Google Maps last night (which is an awesome map site) & instead of getting the driving directions, I saw the road the place was on & thought I knew exactly how to get there. Ummm...I was wrong!! Where I thought this road was turned out not to be right & the road to get there didn't go all the way through from our side of town like I thought it did. So, after driving in circles for an hour and a half - yes, an hour and a half, I finally found the place just as I had decided to give up & let them attempt to deliver it again today. I was just going to go home a little early to make sure I was home when they came by!

But...we found the place & I got my camera so all is good! I can't wait to try it out this weekend! I played w/ it a li…

Class was good last night.

I think I am going to like this professor, too. He seems very fair & casual about things. We're going to have a lot of work to do mainly on a semester project that we all have to do. At least this one isn't a group project & we have two options to follow. I am not 100% which option I am going to take, but I am leaning to one over the other!

He also doesn't like to stay too late at night, which is awesome! Class is supposed to last until 8:50 & most professors give about a ten minute break in the middle. He says he wants to be out every night by 8:00 (unless of course we need to catch up on material or someting) & that he doesn't give ten minute breaks b/c then 10 becomes 15 minutes & he hates to waste 15 minutes of class time to leave at 8:15 rather than working through and leaving at 8:00. No one argued w/ him & when he asked if we still wanted to be able to take a break no one answered. So...if you're thirsty & didn't bring somethi…

School starts back up for me today.

I hope this semester goes by as well as last semester. I got a B last time...not exactly what I wanted, but it was a hard class. I'm told one of the hardest I'll have to take. We'll see! This semester I'm taking Finance; to be specific it's INTRODUCTION TO INSTITUTIONS, INVESTMENTS, AND MANAGERIAL FINANCE. Sounds like fun, right!?!? At least the text book this semester doesn't weight 30 pounds like my accounting book from last semester!! It's actually paper back & very light!!! Michael is meeting w/ his fantasy football league tonight for their draft while I'm in class. He's is so pumped that football season is back. All I can say is that if you want someone to do something w/ you on Sundays please give me a call...b/c I will be heading OUT of the house every Sunday afternoon while the games are on! I love sports, don't get me wrong & watch basketball & baseball, but when football is on TV it is too loud for me at home!!! LOL!

This pa…

How inefficient!

My camera was shipped out today. I have a FedEx tracking number; however, the FedEx site only updates once within a 24 hour period apparently b/c as of now they still have no information regarding my shipment ~ everytime I try to check it I get the following:

Not found
No information for the following shipments has been received by our system yet. Please try again later or contact Customer Service .

You would think a company such as FedEx would see the importance of updating their site more often than that...I mean, w/ as many shipments that come & go each and every day people want to see up to date information. Or at least I do!

Finally I called about it & was told it would update tonight. Well that bites b/c I wanted to watch my package on its journey to my house...I guess I'll just have to wait now & watch it arrive tomorrow.

It's on its way...finally!!!

I just checked my order:
CAN DIGITALREBEL Canon Digital Rebel Digital Camera
Qty: 1 Ordered: 08/29/2005 Qty: 1 Shipped: 08/30/05

I am finally getting my new camera ~ it will be here tomorrow!!!

There are several new ones w/ more megapixels out right now and yes, I know this one is the older one...but I couldn't beat the price & it's the first of the digital SLRs & I have wanted this camera forever!! Since it first came out. I have the Canon EOS Rebel X (film) & two lenses for it, which will fit the digital & I have the Powershot S30 (Apparently there aren't similar reviews for film cameras...I guess they aren't as popular or something!).

I used my dad's Minolta when I was in college; I was an Art Minor and studied photography there. Other than that, though I have always used Canon & have been very happy w/ both of my cameras! I think I will most probably always buy Canon.

When I graduated I set up a darkroom (which…

Who doesn't have Gmail now!?!?

I looked at my past post for today about finally getting invites to give away for gmail & laughed b/c now I have tons & no one needs one b/c everyone uses gmail!

And now the latest from Google is Google Talk! I have been using MSN Messenger for IM. I used to use Yahoo Messenger, but (and this is terrible to admit) I couldn't download it at work...only MSN! LOL ~ Yeah, I know I shouldn't be IMing at work, but when you have to talk to people about something, it doesn't distract from work nearly as much as a phone call! I guess you just have to learn to multi-task!!!

In other news, we are now officially a three car family. Michael & I bought a new truck Tuesday night. It's a 2005 Chevy Silverado Extended Cab...I really like it, too! We kept my jeep b/c we need it & Michael's mustang. The mustang is paid for & is going to be our weekend-running-around-close-to-home car!!! We really did need a truck & prices are really good right now...we got a g…

Another happy couple hitched!!


click here for more wedding pics

We had a great time this weekend at the wedding! The rehearsal & dinner were Friday night & everyone seemed so relaxed & just had fun. I could tell Jessica was a bit stressed, but she handled everything very well! Afterwards Michael & I went riding around for a while & went to my sister's house for a while to visit. Saturday morning we did the same thing...just rode around, went out to the lake, and had lunch back in town before having to get ready for the wedding.

The wedding went so well! We were a little worried about the kiddos b/c they played so much during rehearsal, but they were all so good! Everything went well during the ceremony & even got a few laughs! Afterwards we hung around for a bit for pictures & then made our way to my brother's house where they had the tent set up for the reception! It was so beautiful!! I think everyone had a great time!

We hung around for a bit…

Only two more days

until my niece's wedding!

I think we're going to head up there tonight so I am going to try to get an appointment to get my hair cut right after work today. I really should have done it before Steven & Jamie's wedding, but didn't get around to it. Last night my sister-in-law, her sister, & my other niece (step-sister to the bride-to-be) came down to spend the night at my parents' house. They had to get my niece, TJ, to the airport early this morning. She is in the Marines & is going to Okinawa soon. Today I think she was flying to California; she is missing being here for the wedding by just a couple days. I don't know exactly what day she'll be going to Okinawa, but I think she'll be in Iraq after that. I don't think she is going to be able to come home for two years after leaving today so I know it must be so hard on my sister-in-law saying goodbye this morning. Mother called me after they left & I asked how they were all doing. S…

Then & Now Photos

I don't really have any good before & after pictures, but I am always the one taking the pictures. I don't really like to be in them. I did have a before picture taken by the fitness center, but I am in my bra & I really don't want to post that for public view on the web!! However, I do have these two pics that aren't too bad. They are only of my face, but you can tell the difference just from that!

The first one is me and Michael at his brother's wedding July 30th. The "before" picture was taken of me at one of my bridal showers on August 22nd of last if evident by the date stamp!! Eventually I'll find a good full body before shot & I'll get a new picture taken to compare it to.

Same situation one year later.

I can't believe it...I went to bed with a bad headache, woke up with the same headache...eventually made it in to work only to get worse to the point that I couldn't function. I took my migraine medicine & alternated ice & heat on my head & did everything else I do for my migraines. Finally it has eased enough that I am able to lift my head again & open my office door & start working. So...I get on the computer and check emails and go through my normal morning routine & also check my past posts. The one for last year on this day is about having a migraine at work, too. Hmmm...I wonder if they are the same every day of the year...then I could predict when I would have them!!! Nah, I don't think so...I think I just have them that often!

Actually, I really haven't had one in quite a while. I can't even remember the last bad one that I had. I have headaches often, but I can usually deal with those...a full blown migraine, though - that's a h…

Happy Birthday day late!

My Grannie actually has two birthdays, so I am not really late! And I did call her yesterday to wish her a Happy Birthday, too!!!

For years my Grannie celebrated her birthday on August 16th...then, I don't know when, she got a copy of her birth certificate and saw that it said her date of birth was August 15th. So, I kinda alternate the days or celebrate on each day!!! This year she turned 91 years old!

This is me and Grannie back in May at my neice's baby shower. I usually call several times a week on my way home to chit chat w/ her. She is always on the go, though so sometimes it is hard to catch her home!! Grannie has a great memory and tells wonderful stories from long ago. She is also a poetess. She has written a poem every year for me in my birthday cards & for others in the family, too. Special events usually have something read that Grannie wrote - weddings, reunions, etc. She wrote a nice one for my sister's surprise 50th b'day party that was so sweet & …

Pictures, pictures, pictures!

I have finally loaded the professional pictures from our wedding to an album on my Fotki. They have been linked on our wedding site, but they won't stay on the photographer's site site forever. Before you ask, it has been cleared with her that it's alright for me to put them on Fotki. Actually, that question was asked even before I hired her.

We are still waiting on our album from her, too. Not at her fault, though but at ours. We took our time getting the pictures all together for it, but I am glad we did b/c she now has new albums that will hold twice as much as those she had before!! I can't wait to get it in! I started doing a scrapbook on my own of our wedding after we got engaged, but haven't finished that either. They take a while to put together & I haven't sat down to work on it in a while. Our first anniversary is coming up in a couple months & I'd like to have it done by that time.

I can't believe it's been almost a year already! T…

Photo Friday

This week's challenge: Violet


I took this Easter about four years ago coming back to Houston w/ my mother from visiting our hometown. We cut a piece, too & it grew in my mother's backyard until I bought my own home. Now it is growing in my back yard!

I'm hot!

No's burning up in here!

This morning, early, the electricity went off in our other building. I had to go over for an appointment at 9 & then at 9:30 I had a meeting on the 8th floor. I wasn't too excited about having to walk 8 flights of stairs if the electricity was out, then realized they were on an emergency power system for cases like this. We don't want anyone stuck in the elevator all day now do we!?!?

Well, by the time I went over for my first appointment the electricity was back on; however, it had been off long enough that the air was considerably warmer than it should have been. Walking over was sticky enough, I was looking forward to drying off in the AC! Didn't happen.

Our building didn't lose power, but I haven't cooled off since my trek across the bridge this morning. I don't know what the deal is! I am always cold! I am the one walking around w/ a thick, grandma cardigan on b/c I am freezing! Not today, though. I even have my c…

Only 4.5 more pounds to my halfway point!

The Commit to Get Fit program is over & today was our final "meeting". I have lost 23.5 pounds so far...that's 43% of my total goal!!!

They also re-measured me again to see how many inches were lost. After they recalculate my body fat percentage they'll email me the results & I'll update it here. On average, though, it looks like I have lost about three inches in most areas. I am not real sure, though. I actually thought it was more than that b/c so many of my clothes are fitting so differently. Things that were snug I can wear great; things that were a tiny bit loose are baggy! I think the biggest difference is in my rear-end & my torso. I can tell a difference in my arms, legs, & even my face, but not as much as my waist & buttocks!!!

I am very pleased, though. Even though the program is over, they are going to still track progress for those who want them to. I haven't decided 100% if I am going to do that or just do it on my own, though…

Pictures from this weekend!

I think those pictures were slowing down my page load; so I just put the links for my favorites!!

Baby Gianna

Picture One
Picture Two
Picture Three

(link to Gianna's album)

Teresa's Surprise Birthday Party

Picture One
Picture Two

(no she isn't in the Red Hat Society; we just wanted to make sure she knew she was eligible...)

(link to the entire album)
click on each picture for larger image
Since Saturday was a surprise, I just had it listed as "party" in my post it notes, b/c I didn't want to spoil the surprise for my sister! We had a great time & I believe the birthday girl was definitely surprised! It was great to get the family all together, too.

Then on Sunday while driving out to my mother-in-law's for a wedding shower, I got a nail in my tire! I must have picked it up on the beltway, b/c a truck driver next to me started honking and when I looked over he was waving his hand up & down. I guess I don't know freeway hand signal for low tire, b/c I didn…

Well, they're hitched!!

Jamie & Steven are sailing away on their honeymoon right now!

Friday night we went to the church for rehearsal. Michael was a groomsmen (it was his little brother after all). The church was so pretty...with an amazing pipe organ that was the focal point of the sanctuary! Actually, our neighbors got married there & I had see the inside of the church from their wedding video...but it's so much more beautiful in person! Afterwards, we had dinner at Las Rosas (I couldn't find a website) - a great Mexican restaurant nearby. Jamie & Steven had prepared a DVD of for us to watch, too of pictures of themselves growing up & then together after they started dating! It was so sweet!

After dinner a group of us (excluding the bride & groom of course) head to the racetrack to see Kevin Fowler. It was a great concert, but way way too hot & crowded! I had straightened my hair for the evening and by the time we left it was in ringlets!!! We still had a good time, though! …


I have hit a milestone as of today!!! I weighed in before lunch & have lost a total of 20 pounds! I am so excited!!!

I was afraid I would eat badly over the weekend. My brother-in-law got married this weekend & between the rehearsal dinner & the wedding there was food everywhere...but I was really good. I didn't have anything sweet & stuck to the portions I have been eating...didn't over-indulge in anything! Actually, since I have been working on my weight I haven't had anything sweet except for one tiny piece of cake at the bachelorette party last weekend. Otherwise, nothing sweet! And I haven't cut out carbs, but I have cut them way back.

I did get stuck w/ a breaded chicken sandwich one day this weekend. I had ordered a grilled chicken sandwich w/ no mayo at Burger King & when we got it home I found that it was breaded with mayo on it. So, at first I wiped off the mayo & decided one breaded sandwich wouldn't hurt me, but then decided to ju…