There is more reorganization going on around here!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005
I haven't really mentioned it yet b/c all the details weren't really worked out, but at 1:00 we're having a meeting to work out those details.

Since I started here I have worked Offshore...eight months ago our entire division became obsolete and we were all moved in different directions. I have continued to work Offshore, but was also given Central Texas area. Now that's changing again. There were two managers over our groups which covered all areas...onshore & offshore. One of those managers has since been moved temporarily to the group implementing new software for the company. The implementation period is scheduled to last about eighteen months, which means in the interim all areas fell under my manager.

It was decided while I was on vacation that this was too much for one person & the offshore division was transfered out to another department. I am back to working Offshore only (which I prefer if you want to know the truth) & at 1:00 I'll find out who I can hand all the onshore stuff to. Of the four girls that were working for me one will remain, two work entirely onshore so I won't work w/ them anymore, and the fourth will still handle some offshore issues for me.

We aren't moving offices, though thankfully! I hate packing & unpacking! Our new boss is just one floor below and they would have to shuffle a lot of people around to get us close to him anyway. He is pretty hands off so it really won't be a bid deal. I have worked with him for as long as I have been employed here, just never worked for him before. He came by for a while yesterday to talk to me for a bit about meeting with us next week (he's out the rest of this week) to find out what all we're doing.

I am really excited about the change b/c his area will be more of a challenge & more of what I am interested in doing. Our current duties won't go away...and my coworker's won't really change at all, but I'll be given more work to do & he's a CPA, too & knows that I am currently working on my MBA in Accounting so he'll definitely support that; not that my current manager doesn't. There are a lot of CPAs in this department actually.

So...for right now the only real change is that I'll have to get approval for tuition reimbursment from someone else, but other than that I won't notice a lot of difference for a while I think. At least not this week since my new manager isn't here!!! Since I have been here this is my third manager. For the first four years I was under the same manager (who I really liked a lot) and in the same office...well, except for the move to our new building.

I'll keep ya posted!