Never leave home without it...

Thursday, July 14, 2005
your wallet that is!! Yesterday when I arrived home Michael was working in the yard, so I changed clothes and went out to help him finish. We had some new plants to put in the ground, too so after all the mowing, weed-eating, & edging we were digging holes, too! Needless to say when all was done we were both tired and sweaty. We need to go grocery shopping, but neither felt like it so we showered and cleaned up and decided to go out for dinner & that we could buy groceries tonight.

Many times when we go out to dinner I'll just take my phone and leave my purse at home since Michael has his wallet in his pocket. I don't really need it since we both have our debit cards. So...we headed down the street to a restaurant close by (thankfully) and had a nice dinner. When it was time to pay Michael reached for his wallet, but it wasn't there!! I thought he was trying to kid me at first b/c he has a tendency to do that, but in fact he didn't have it with him. He had grabbed his keys & phone from the basket we keep on the bar for those things, but somehow hadn't grabbed his wallet. He thought maybe he had just placed it in the car & not brought it in, but wasn't there either. So...while I sat in the booth he drove back to the house to get his wallet!!

I didn't want to waiter to think anything strange so I let him know what had happened and he just laughed. I don't know what we would have done if we had been far away from home. I guess I just would have had to sit there even longer!!!

On another note...I really like the Blog Section of the Houston Chronicle. For the longest I saw different blog related articles written in the Chronicle, but they were never a mainstream part of the paper. Then for a while there was a small link in the sidebar to read a couple of blogs by writers for the paper...and now there are several! I don't read them all, but click through most of them! It just makes me think back to years ago when I asked, "What's a blog...what do you write about. I would never have anything to say to the cyberworld!!"