Movie update:

Tuesday, July 05, 2005
So, like I said before, we went to see The Longest Yard this weekend, which is a remake of the 1974 original w/ Burt Reynolds. Old Burtie is in this one, too but as another character obviously. It was a really good movie and had all sorts of people in it, including Steve Austin, Goldberg, Nelly, Michael Irvin, Brian Bosworth (I know...WHO?? I remember him from a couple movies...then found out he used to play football), and various sports announcers that I didn't know, but Michael pointed out! It was really a good remake!

My niece is in the hospital this morning. She is being induced today...I don't know how long it will take so we might have a new baby today some time or maybe tomorrow! Her name is Gianna Patrice! I can't wait to see her!!! I don't think they have given her the meds yet to start the labor, though she's been there since six this morning. Mother said she figured they would start it at 8:00 when the shift changes. That seems so weird to's all around the doctors and nurses' schedules! Anyway, so there will be baby pictures soon!

Well, I have five days of work and only three days this week so I had better get to it!