More progress!!! Yay!

Monday, July 11, 2005
I am up to 9.5 pounds total loss as of today! Only 46.5 more to go now! That is 17% of my goal that I have reached!

It isn't quick, which is good b/c everytime people lose a lot of weight in a short time it seems that they always gain it back and maybe even more than they had lost to begin with. I don't want that to happen to me. I want to be able to get off the weight & keep it off afterwards.

We are also getting into the last month of Commit to get Fit. It really didn't turn out to be what I had expected, but it did get me started in the right direction. I really thought we would actually meet more often & while we do meet once a week, it's only to turn in our goal sheet, get a blank one & a Fit Facts sheet & to weigh in. We have only met as a group once and heard from a nutrionist. I guess it's more of an accountability program, but I was just expecting to be working w/ the directors of the group or other members of the group more. So, I kinda set myself up for the disappointment.

That being said, I am doing well on my own, though, which would mean the program has been successful for me so far. And maybe that was their get us working on our own & there I could say it was a success. I still am not working out like I should, though. I haven't been to the gym in two weeks. I have just been losing b/c my eating habits have greatly improved.

Before I would find that I was hungry in the evening, but now realize I was just bored!! Last night I "thought" I was hungry and thought about getting a snack, but when I stopped to think about what I was doing I wasn't really hungry. My stomach was satisfied ~ I was just bored and wanted to do something. I also don't snack while I am cooking like before. I wait until my meal is ready and then enjoy it!

Also, I have slowed way down while I eat. The other morning we had a big country breakfast while we were in East Texas and I felt so full when I left the table & thought, "Man I ate too much...", but when I though about it all I ended up eating was 1/2 a biscuit, 1 piece of bacon, and a scrambled egg...but I felt like I had eaten about three biscuits or something!! I just ate it so slow that my brain actually told me I was ful before I consumed so much that my stomach had to expand to hold it all!!! Not only eating slow, but also drinking a lot of water before & during my meal gives a feel of being satiated so I don't eat as much. Drinking more water has really made the most difference for me overall I think.

It's a lot easier these days to make healthy decisions, too. Before when I just let being hungry dictate everything, I would go ahead and order something fried or a burger or something b/c it was what I was, b/c I don't really get that hungry anymore I can take a minute and order the grilled chicken or the salad or something that is better for me and be just as satisfied!! When you eat something fried or w/ a lot of starch or salt you tend to crave more and more of it...if you can cut it out, the cravings go away!

If I could just get back into the groove of the gym I would be completely satisified w/ my change in lifestyle. Going once every couple of weeks just will not cut it!