Sunday, July 10, 2005

Is it Monday already???

I am so tired this morning. I really didn't want to get up...but I'm here!

We had a good weekend. Friday I rode up to East Texas w/ my parents & we were greeted by an angry swarm of wasps upon arrival. We managed to kill them all and destroy the nest, but not until after mother and I were both stung...she got stung once on each foot and I got stung right on my head...just above my hair line. It was so painful!! They were just regular red wasps either, they were big black and red ones w/ orange on their legs. They actually chased us, too!!!! The nest was under the deck and when we walked on it they got angry! It was awful. My head finally managed to stop hurting after a few hours and the knot on my head went away. Since mother was on her feet most of the time hers really hurt a while. I had been stung once before by a red wasp, but I have to say on the head is so much worse!

After the chaos we did manage to have a great weekend and a really good bridal shower for my niece. I didn't take too many pictures b/c I was a hostess & busy running around. The few I took are here w/ her other pictures.

I rode back Saturday evening w/ my sister and Michael and I had a late dinner and Sunday we ran around taking care of errands then stayed home that evening to watch the storm. We did need the rain!

*yawn* Okay, gotta go get more coffee!

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