I can't believe the finale is tonight.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005
Michael & I have been watching Average Joe since the first one came out. It's a fun show, even though I haven't been big into too many reality shows, but here lately that seems to be the only thing on TV. Anyway...it comes on Tuesday nights & last night we watched the 2nd to last elimination. I was surprised when I realized there were only two men left, meaning the next show would be the last already. I was even more surprised to hear that that episode was tonight instead of next week!!

Oh well, I guess they have to get it done by a certain time or something, I don't know! Anyway...my favorite got eliminated last night, so I am not too involved anymore, but am still watching tonight. Sigh...though I really hope the Average Joe wins, b/c up until now they never have & I honestly think that isn't going to change, but I still hope! I want one girl out there to choose on more than just looks. I mean, the personality can make them more or less attractive in my mind. Josh was cute, though...and his personality made him even more so in my opinion. She said she didn't want to be put up on a pedestal, though...which is really what ALL the guys seem to try to do.

The last "new guy" is such a dud & I really don't even think he is that good looking either (maybe b/c he personality is so lacking). I mean, they had NOTHING to talk about. There were minutes that went by on their date where nothing was said. I know that silent moments can be nice, but it wasn't; it was awkward. She even admitted that. It's because he is a DUD! He has nothing interesting to talk about b/c there is nothing interesting going on in his head. She held on b/c she says they have chemistry. Translation: She thinks he is hot!

Now, Nathan, I must say, made a big improvement after his makeover (which there aren't links up for yet). I don't mean just physical appearance, though I do like the cleaner look on him, but he has so much more confidence now & he really seemed to have a great conversation on their last date...he had more to say than she did & they did share some silent moments, but they were sweet! They had a gazing contest; okay it sounds cheesy & maybe it was, but it wasn't b/c he couldn't think of anything to say like Rocky.

As for physical appearance, though the one that was the biggest improvement without question was Joshua (there were three Joshua's on this show). He looks like a completely different person now...clean shaven & short hair, well short-er anyway! The other two didn't really impress me that much as far as new looks go...or really personality for that matter.

Oh well, I have gone on enough about the show...
We really did have a fun weekend. Michael bachelor-partied all weekend with his brother & I went to Jamie's bachelorette party Saturday night. We had a really great time, too! Lots o' Fun!

I also spent the day Friday & Friday night w/ my mother (since my house was the spot for Friday night's round of the bachelor party). We had manicures & went shopping & just had a good time hanging out together! Sunday, while the guys went deep sea fishing (last part of the party) I spent the day vegging at home. I had forgot my book at mother's so I had to drive over to pick it up (she is out of town), but other than that I didn't leave the house! It was a lazy day...

Then on Monday, Michael & I both took off work to hang out together. They didn't get in until very late Sunday night so he wanted to recuperate!! We did some errands & had a nice dinner together & rested up before starting the work-week over a day late!!

Friday is the rehearsal & rehearsal dinner for Jamie & Steven & then Saturday is the big day! I can't believe it's already here! I know they can't either.

Well, speaking of work-week I need to get going on it! It's been busy around here, hence the lag between posts!!!