Friday is finally here!

Friday, July 01, 2005
This has been such a stressful week work-wise...I am glad it's over! Today, though, I am going to concentrate on getting everything off my desk and lower the number of unread emails in my inbox. Sheesh...I had over 350 after coming back from vacation! I have already skimmed through several this morning and were able to get them out of there. Fridays around here are so quiet...that's when I really get a lot done. Since we've gone to the 9/80 schedule half the people are out anyway and this week we have several that took vacation days today. In my group there is just me and two others; one of which I haven't seen today at all! And my phone doesn't ring nearly as much on Fridays either.

As for our holiday weekend, the only real plan we have is a BBQ at a friend's tomorrow...tentative concert tonight and that's it. I'm sure my sister's family is all heading up to East Texas for the 4th, but we haven't heard anything so we're staying here. I am sure we'll find a fireworks show somewhere to attend, though I don't really buy fireworks anymore for myself.