Monday, August 01, 2005
I have hit a milestone as of today!!! I weighed in before lunch & have lost a total of 20 pounds! I am so excited!!!

I was afraid I would eat badly over the weekend. My brother-in-law got married this weekend & between the rehearsal dinner & the wedding there was food everywhere...but I was really good. I didn't have anything sweet & stuck to the portions I have been eating...didn't over-indulge in anything! Actually, since I have been working on my weight I haven't had anything sweet except for one tiny piece of cake at the bachelorette party last weekend. Otherwise, nothing sweet! And I haven't cut out carbs, but I have cut them way back.

I did get stuck w/ a breaded chicken sandwich one day this weekend. I had ordered a grilled chicken sandwich w/ no mayo at Burger King & when we got it home I found that it was breaded with mayo on it. So, at first I wiped off the mayo & decided one breaded sandwich wouldn't hurt me, but then decided to just remove the bread & eat the meat w/ lettuce & tomato. At least I could cut out some carbs there. I did have to eat afterall, so I just made it a little bit better for me. And of course, no fries! If I have to eat fast food I never order the meals. Just something w/ grilled chicken, no sauce or mayo, and a diet drink or water. It fills me up easily now anyway!

I have noticed a difference in a lot of my clothes, but the best was the skirt I bought to wear to the wedding this weekend! When I bought it, the skirt was really snug. I couldn't move it & I was worried at first it might be too small, but it was the only one they had so I bought it. This weekend at the wedding...I could spin it around!!!! I was so excited!!!!!

Actually, when I went over to weigh in the scale said I had gained one pound from the last time I had stepped on the scale & I was a bit disappointed. When I was leaving, though a coworker told me the scale was off b/c they had been moving it around so much. He always checked his weight on two b/c one was stationary & didn't change. So...I decided to go try the scale that I use every week that never got moved...and yep, he was right! The scale said I was two pounds lighter than the previous week which put me at an even 20 pounds gone! I have decided to stick w/ the same scale from now on sine I know that one doesn't get carried around all over the place!