14.5 Pounds GONE!!!

Monday, July 18, 2005
I stepped on the scales before lunch today for my weekly Commit to Get Fit weigh in and to date I have lost 14.5 pounds!!! WooHoo!!! How exciting...every time I get on the scales I see improvement!! I think during the week I probably go up and down so I am glad I keep myself from jumping on there every day to check. I would probaby get a little discouraged if I saw the scale go up & I don't want to do that! Mondays at 11:30 every week!

This weekend, though, I did have some fried food - I had ten fried shrimp & one cheese stick. That's the first bad thing I have had in a long time. I don't think it was too bad, though considering what I ate the rest of the day. I had salads & fruit...and though I had ranch dressing, I used the weight watcher's method, which is to dip my fork in the dressing before each bite. By the end I only used about 1 teaspoon (maybe) of the 4 tablespoons of dressing I was given. You don't realize how much you really use until you try this. I had the taste of ranch dressing w/ every single bite I took without my lettuce being drenched & most importantly w/out consuming all the fat & calories!

I have been paying more attention to calories than anything else lately. I haven't cut out fat or carbs...I just try to have good ones. I didn't cut out bread, just white bread. I still get sugars from fruit, but try not to have any sweets w/ refined sugar. I have had potatoes, though I ate 1/2 a baked potato & saved the rest for another meal. The only bad fat I have had was the shrimp & cheese stick on Saturday night...and I am still drinking lots & lots of water! I notice, though, I don't get as much on the weekend. I need to remedy that!

My workouts haven't been nearly as disciplined as my diet. I was doing really well in the beginning sticking to my schedule, but lately the only workouts I have been doing is yardwork or just general running around. I haven't gone to the gym in the last two weeks. :( Tomorrow, though my workout partner & I plan on going during lunch...and then on Wednesday. Normally it's Tuesday & Thursday, but I have made plans for Thursday during lunch so I am going to move that workout to Wednesday instead.

I can really tell a difference now...not only in my appearance & the way my clothes fit, but more importantly how I feel. And hearing someone say, "You look like you're losing weight" definitely helps to lift the spirit even more! I do feel like I have more energy and more and more of my clothes are fitting so much better! I have one outfit that I bought that I haven't worn yet b/c I bought it w/out trying it on & it was too tight. I can get into it now & it isn't too tight, but is still tighter than I would like! So...maybe in another couple of weeks I will be wearing it. That is my short term goal...long term is an old pair of jeans I have been keeping up in my closet waiting for the day when I can get back into them!!!