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I have found some good HP discussions around!

There were many more unanswered questions at the end of #6 than all the others; which left a lot of room for speculation amongst readers! Everyone has their own idea of what things mean & what is yet to come in #7.

#7 is supposed to be the last in the series & while it probably will be, I am still hoping that it isn't! I really enjoy the books & would love to be able to continue. Oh well...just have to appeal to J.K. I guess!

Well, tonight is the rehearsal dinner for my brother-in-law & Jamie's wedding! It really got here fast! It seems like they were just telling us they got engaged and now the big day is tomorrow!! I can't wait. It's going to be a very nice wedding!

And as you can see from my list of summer activities, there is still a lot of summer left to do! I am looking forward to all of it, though & then at the very end school starts back! This time I'll be going Tuesday nights for a Finance class. Finance was never my strongest subject a…

Two finales to talk about this morning.

First...Average Joe. I cannot believe that an Average Joe finally won. After all it is their show, right? Even though the AJ I wanted to win didn't, I am happy it was Nathan over Rocky. Rocky may be nice looking, but his personality was just so lacking that I don't think I could stand to be around him too long. So...good for you Nathan! And I have to commend Anna, she did say she couldn't promise anything, but that she wanted to continue their friendship and see what it could become.

Also, I finished reading Harry Potter this morning. I am sad. I am sad b/c I finished and now have to wait no telling how long for the next one (though I may go back and re-read the others in the meahwhile) & I am sad b/c of the ending.

Caution: The Half-Blood Prince spoiler ahead.

33% of the way there!

I went down & weighed today...I have lost 3 more pounds since the last time I weighed for a grand total of 18 pounds lost so far!!!!

I haven't felt too good over the last week & believed that I had either hit a plateau or even gained a couple pounds back, but I think there might have been a stomach "thing" going around here at work or something b/c several people have been talking about not feeling well. My tummy felt so swollen for a while & just overall yucky...but I was pleasantly surprised to see 188 when I stepped on the scale today!

Yay for me!!! I've updated my progress bar & only have 38 more pounds to go!!!

I can't believe the finale is tonight.

Michael & I have been watching Average Joe since the first one came out. It's a fun show, even though I haven't been big into too many reality shows, but here lately that seems to be the only thing on TV. comes on Tuesday nights & last night we watched the 2nd to last elimination. I was surprised when I realized there were only two men left, meaning the next show would be the last already. I was even more surprised to hear that that episode was tonight instead of next week!!

Oh well, I guess they have to get it done by a certain time or something, I don't know! favorite got eliminated last night, so I am not too involved anymore, but am still watching tonight. Sigh...though I really hope the Average Joe wins, b/c up until now they never have & I honestly think that isn't going to change, but I still hope! I want one girl out there to choose on more than just looks. I mean, the personality can make them more or less attractive in my m…

NOW my phone stops rinigng!?!?!?

I installed Avaya Voice Player at work so that all my voice mails would go into my Outlook - I can save them for as long as I want or forward them a lot easier to other people & I can see who I missed calls from before I listen to them. Yes, we have caller ID, but can't review the history of calls. Though, if the call is external to the company, the email just says it is from External Call.

I really like having it set up this way! I keep every email I receive...well, most of them. And sometimes there are voice mails that should be kept, too but on our voice mail system, as in most, even if you save it, it's only for a limited time. After a while it automatically gets deleted.

I set it up on Friday afternoon so needless to say, there weren't a whole lot of calls that came in that afternoon for me to really get to use the system. I figured I would have to wait until this week...then this week gets here and what the heck! No one is calling!! Is everyone doing fine without m…

#6 is here!

I checked the mail this morning & waiting on me was my preordered copy of Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince!!!

I know there are a lot of people who have already finished reading it...but I'll just be starting today! I can't wait to get into it! I am going downstairs to workout during lunch today; I think I'll opt for the bike so I can read while I exercise!!! A few bloggers have posted that there is quite a twist to this book & one expressed a bit of anger towards J. K. Rowling, too. So I anticipate a little shock in this latest book. I still can't wait, though!

I have all of them up to this point, but two I only have in paperback. I need to buy hardcopies of those two, but I always forget which two it is when I am at the store. Also, if you haven't bought yours, Amazon has it listed for $16.99 & they say regular price is $29.99, but I saw it in Target for $17.99; which actually is what I had originally paid for it at Amazon, but got a $1.00 credi…

14.5 Pounds GONE!!!

I stepped on the scales before lunch today for my weekly Commit to Get Fit weigh in and to date I have lost 14.5 pounds!!! WooHoo!!! How exciting...every time I get on the scales I see improvement!! I think during the week I probably go up and down so I am glad I keep myself from jumping on there every day to check. I would probaby get a little discouraged if I saw the scale go up & I don't want to do that! Mondays at 11:30 every week!

This weekend, though, I did have some fried food - I had ten fried shrimp & one cheese stick. That's the first bad thing I have had in a long time. I don't think it was too bad, though considering what I ate the rest of the day. I had salads & fruit...and though I had ranch dressing, I used the weight watcher's method, which is to dip my fork in the dressing before each bite. By the end I only used about 1 teaspoon (maybe) of the 4 tablespoons of dressing I was given. You don't realize how much you really use until you try…

My sister sent me this picture

of her sweet grand-daughters! I had to share!!!

Never leave home without it...

your wallet that is!! Yesterday when I arrived home Michael was working in the yard, so I changed clothes and went out to help him finish. We had some new plants to put in the ground, too so after all the mowing, weed-eating, & edging we were digging holes, too! Needless to say when all was done we were both tired and sweaty. We need to go grocery shopping, but neither felt like it so we showered and cleaned up and decided to go out for dinner & that we could buy groceries tonight.

Many times when we go out to dinner I'll just take my phone and leave my purse at home since Michael has his wallet in his pocket. I don't really need it since we both have our debit cards. So...we headed down the street to a restaurant close by (thankfully) and had a nice dinner. When it was time to pay Michael reached for his wallet, but it wasn't there!! I thought he was trying to kid me at first b/c he has a tendency to do that, but in fact he didn't have it with him. He had grabb…

There is more reorganization going on around here!

I haven't really mentioned it yet b/c all the details weren't really worked out, but at 1:00 we're having a meeting to work out those details.

Since I started here I have worked Offshore...eight months ago our entire division became obsolete and we were all moved in different directions. I have continued to work Offshore, but was also given Central Texas area. Now that's changing again. There were two managers over our groups which covered all areas...onshore & offshore. One of those managers has since been moved temporarily to the group implementing new software for the company. The implementation period is scheduled to last about eighteen months, which means in the interim all areas fell under my manager.

It was decided while I was on vacation that this was too much for one person & the offshore division was transfered out to another department. I am back to working Offshore only (which I prefer if you want to know the truth) & at 1:00 I'll fi…

More progress!!! Yay!

I am up to 9.5 pounds total loss as of today! Only 46.5 more to go now! That is 17% of my goal that I have reached!

It isn't quick, which is good b/c everytime people lose a lot of weight in a short time it seems that they always gain it back and maybe even more than they had lost to begin with. I don't want that to happen to me. I want to be able to get off the weight & keep it off afterwards.

We are also getting into the last month of Commit to get Fit. It really didn't turn out to be what I had expected, but it did get me started in the right direction. I really thought we would actually meet more often & while we do meet once a week, it's only to turn in our goal sheet, get a blank one & a Fit Facts sheet & to weigh in. We have only met as a group once and heard from a nutrionist. I guess it's more of an accountability program, but I was just expecting to be working w/ the directors of the group or other members of the group more. So, I kinda se…

Is it Monday already???

I am so tired this morning. I really didn't want to get up...but I'm here!

We had a good weekend. Friday I rode up to East Texas w/ my parents & we were greeted by an angry swarm of wasps upon arrival. We managed to kill them all and destroy the nest, but not until after mother and I were both stung...she got stung once on each foot and I got stung right on my head...just above my hair line. It was so painful!! They were just regular red wasps either, they were big black and red ones w/ orange on their legs. They actually chased us, too!!!! The nest was under the deck and when we walked on it they got angry! It was awful. My head finally managed to stop hurting after a few hours and the knot on my head went away. Since mother was on her feet most of the time hers really hurt a while. I had been stung once before by a red wasp, but I have to say on the head is so much worse!

After the chaos we did manage to have a great weekend and a really good bridal shower for my niece. I …

Welcome Gianna Patrice!

I didn't take a whole lot of pictures yesterday of my newest Great-niece b/c I was too busy holding her!!! Though, when my mother was there she took a few as well and sent them to me. I added them to the five or six that I took in my albums! She is so adorable...and so tiny!! She has the most hair I have ever seen, too!!! I think you could put it in a clip already! Mommy was doing fine, too. She was tired as expected, but seemed very happy! Gianna has some lungs, too. She didn't cry much, but when she did I think the whole floor could hear it! She kept her eyes closed for most of the time that I was there, so I didn't get a picture with her eyes open. There will definitely be more opportunities I am sure! On the way over we stopped to buy some flowers and Michael picked out some cute little stuffed animals for her! I think Gianna and mother are going to be in the hospital one more day since she was a couple weeks early...just for observation only. There is also going to be…

Thought for the Day

Let’s talk a little basic physics – getting an object at rest to begin moving requires far more energy that it does to keep it moving. Think of a rocket: 90% of the energy is spent on the initial thrust – on getting the blasted thing in to the air. The remaining 10% is all that’s needed to keep it going. In a way, the same applies to transforming our bodies – it is the act of getting started that is, by far, the most challenging stage of the process. You have a great amount of momentum at this point, and you are in a position to make an extraordinary transformation. If you were to stop now, you would lose all that momentum and you would have to start all over again. Nobody wants to go through that. So, hang in there! Keep the momentum going and the energy flowing.

More baby pictures...

it's to be expected, though! Right!?!?

Gianna's first cousin, Abigail, giving her kisses!

Movie update:

So, like I said before, we went to see The Longest Yard this weekend, which is a remake of the 1974 original w/ Burt Reynolds. Old Burtie is in this one, too but as another character obviously. It was a really good movie and had all sorts of people in it, including Steve Austin, Goldberg, Nelly, Michael Irvin, Brian Bosworth (I know...WHO?? I remember him from a couple movies...then found out he used to play football), and various sports announcers that I didn't know, but Michael pointed out! It was really a good remake!

My niece is in the hospital this morning. She is being induced today...I don't know how long it will take so we might have a new baby today some time or maybe tomorrow! Her name is Gianna Patrice! I can't wait to see her!!! I don't think they have given her the meds yet to start the labor, though she's been there since six this morning. Mother said she figured they would start it at 8:00 when the shift changes. That seems so weird to's …

Water, water everywhere...and not a drop to drink!

We had a blast today! Jamie & Steven came over and we all headed to Splashtown for the day. Waterparks are a great relief from the heat, but at the end of the day you still feel wiped out! We had a lot of fun and for the grand finale rode the tornado...twice! It was the greatest ride! A little scary at first, but so much fun! There are links for video clips at the bottom of the page, but they really don't do it justice at all!!!

Last night we got to catch up with everyone at Elaine & Kenny's 4th of July/Birthday Bash. There were a lot of people there I hadn't seen in quite a while and several new faces as well! Kenny (the chef) did quite a fantastic job on dinner! He had three varieties of chicken, sausages, hamburgers, boudin, a real smorgasbord for everyone! The night went by very quickly, though...and we came home and crashed.

I don't know if we're going to go anywhere tomorrow. We might just buy some sparklers and sit in the driveway and watch all the ki…

Friday is finally here!

This has been such a stressful week work-wise...I am glad it's over! Today, though, I am going to concentrate on getting everything off my desk and lower the number of unread emails in my inbox. Sheesh...I had over 350 after coming back from vacation! I have already skimmed through several this morning and were able to get them out of there. Fridays around here are so quiet...that's when I really get a lot done. Since we've gone to the 9/80 schedule half the people are out anyway and this week we have several that took vacation days today. In my group there is just me and two others; one of which I haven't seen today at all! And my phone doesn't ring nearly as much on Fridays either.

As for our holiday weekend, the only real plan we have is a BBQ at a friend's tomorrow...tentative concert tonight and that's it. I'm sure my sister's family is all heading up to East Texas for the 4th, but we haven't heard anything so we're staying here. I am su…