Monday, June 13, 2005

Summer far

June 17th - June 25th: Vacation in Colorado
July 2nd: Mesker BBQ & B'day Parties
July 4th: Partying??????
July 9th: Bridal Shower for JessicaJuly
16th: Crop at Jennifer's
(couldn't make it)
July 23rd: Bachelorette Party for Jamie
July 29th: Rehearsal Dinner
July 30th: Jamie & Steven's Wedding
August 6th: Surprise B'day Party
August 13th: Sportman's Extravaganza
August 19th: Rehearsal Dinner
August 20th: Jessica & Tommy's Wedding
August 27th: Abigail's 2nd B'day Party
August 30th: School Starts
September 3rd: Stanley Cup

September 10th: Worchesik Wedding

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