Strength Training

Thursday, June 16, 2005
I worked out solo again today. I am really proud of myself, b/c my gym buddy hasn't been able to go & my first thought is to make a run for it and go shopping or out to lunch w/ friends...anything but go workout. And both days this week I battled that temptation and won!!

Today I did strength - but upper and lower; though I believe I must have really given my arms a good workout b/c I can already feel it!!

We're leaving in the morning for Colorado and won't be back in Texas until the 25th...we plan on doing some hiking and horse-back riding and while I may not be near a gym, I think I'll definitely get in a good cardio workout or two and maybe even some strength, too!!!

So...stay healthy while I'm away!!! I'll have plenty of pictures and stories to post when I return I am sure!!!