Our bags are all packed,

Thursday, June 16, 2005
except for the couple of things still in the dryer, and waiting by the door! My parents are supposed to be here around 6:30 in the morning...then the four of us will meet my sister and her family somewhere and head out I-45...then around Centerville we're supposed to meet my aunt and uncle who are coming from East Texas. My other sister and her husband may not get to go...or maybe only my sister will get to go, but whichever way, they (or she) are going to fly into Denver on Sunday and take one of the hourly shuttles up to Estes Park to meet up with us at the cabins. I have my cameras...the binoculars...warm clothes...cool clothes...sandals...tennis shoes...snacks for the road...games to play...hopefully everything we're going to need!! I don't think we'll be near computers so you'll have to wait for updates after we get back.

I do want to post about one thing non-vacation related tonight!! Elaine showed me a great project she had been working on & it looked like so much fun, I made some myself! I had bought one at a craft fair and loved it...I'm talking about marble magnets. This was the best site I found on them...and here are the ones that I made: a pretty one (flower), a cute one (frog - this one made me think of Elaine actually), a funny one (As Seen On TV), & a funky one (Budweiser - there is a coke image that matches, but I haven't made it yet...)