Only four more days of work

Sunday, June 12, 2005
and then we're off on vacation for ten days! I cannot wait!!! Michael has been counting down the days for about two months!!! I love going on vacation w/ my family, too. We always have such a great time! Michael and I are riding w/ my parents...both of my sisters and their husbands are going...two of my nephews (though one may go off w/ a friend that lives in Denver)...and my Aunt & Uncle are going!! It's going to be so beautiful and peaceful and relaxing!!!

I have to start getting all our things together soon...get laundry done and do a little shopping, too. I only have until Thursday night to finish up b/c Friday morning early my parents will be at our house to pick us up & hit the road! We're all staying in cabins along the river w/ balconies overlooking the water! It's going to be awesome!

Well, I had better get to work...I have a lot to get done this week in anticipation of not being here Friday or all next week!