Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I made some more magnets this week

and when I was taking pictures of them, I decided to take pictures of all my magnets. I love refrigerator magnets and have developed quite a collection of them.

Here are the latest marble magnets I have made:

And here are some that I haven't finished yet...I still have to put the magnets on the back.

Yep...that's J-Lo!!!

I was telling my Grannie about these last night, too and she wants me to make some as little gifts for her Sunday School class!!! Look what you started Elaine!!! It's just so easy and fun!

I have a lot of silver trays left over from our wedding (favors) and I am trying to think of something neat to make w/ them, too...if you have any ideas, let me know! I thought I could use them to hold the magnets for Grannie's class since they'll stick to them - she only needs about 7, though and I have so many left over. We made tons of them...they are round, silver trays and for the wedding we put a dove chocolate in the center and put candy coated almonds on them and then covered them w/ tulle and put little tags that said Thank You. I had signed each tag, too...w/ our names and wedding date! That took a while! They are really pretty trays. I'll figure out something to make w/ them!

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