Thursday, June 30, 2005

I just noticed something quite peculiar...

on my Fotki I can see what other members have me listed as a friend...a few of them I didn't know. So, I started clicking through several of them and found that three of them have XXX rated in the pictures they have loaded on Fotki are all that way. It's like there is a whole pornographic side to Fotki or something...

Anyway, I just thought it was interesting that several sites like that had me listed as a friend considering none of my pictures are beyond a G rating!!! Maybe the ones of me and Michael kissing might rate a PG!!! Hee hee!

I am sure my fotki site is going to get a big hit now as people read that and rush over to view the sites that have me listed as a friend!!! Ha Ha!

My Blog-anniversary is this month!

I just realized that I started my blog in July 2001 on Blogger! Daily Venting & Exclamations... is four years old this July! How exciting!!!

Blogrolling seems to be having issues at the moment.

I thought it was just my site for a while b/c I noticed that other people's blogrolls were fine...then realized they weren't using at all! So...what's the deal!?!? It's been two days of "iffy-ness" for my blogroll!

This has been the worst week here in the office. I am not a "Yes" gal...if I don't agree w/ something I am damn sure going to let you know. I DO NOT just say what you want to hear...especially when it is to someone who does not do my job. I don't go out and try to do someone else's job, so I really don't appreciate it when they come and try to tell me how to do mine!

CAUTION: Office rant ahead!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I made some more magnets this week

and when I was taking pictures of them, I decided to take pictures of all my magnets. I love refrigerator magnets and have developed quite a collection of them.

Here are the latest marble magnets I have made:

And here are some that I haven't finished yet...I still have to put the magnets on the back.

Yep...that's J-Lo!!!

I was telling my Grannie about these last night, too and she wants me to make some as little gifts for her Sunday School class!!! Look what you started Elaine!!! It's just so easy and fun!

I have a lot of silver trays left over from our wedding (favors) and I am trying to think of something neat to make w/ them, too...if you have any ideas, let me know! I thought I could use them to hold the magnets for Grannie's class since they'll stick to them - she only needs about 7, though and I have so many left over. We made tons of them...they are round, silver trays and for the wedding we put a dove chocolate in the center and put candy coated almonds on them and then covered them w/ tulle and put little tags that said Thank You. I had signed each tag, too...w/ our names and wedding date! That took a while! They are really pretty trays. I'll figure out something to make w/ them!

Michael is getting good with the camera.

While he went with my brother-in-law & nephew to snow sled they came across several rams very close...he took this picture along w/ a few others w/ my sister's camera that I have added to our albums (they are at the end)!

Monday, June 27, 2005

Lost Post

I had posted earlier, but for some reason lost the post!

I had thought I would have bad news after vacation when I stepped on the scale, but in fact I lost!!! Only a little bit...actually less than a pound, but it is still positive progress. I didn't eat badly on vacation and was definitely active the entire time so I don't know why I was afraid I would gain. I guess b/c you always expect to fall off your diet when you're on vacation! So...that was good news for me yesterday!

I am about to head down to the gym now. My workout partner won't be going this week so I'll be working out solo...but I plan on doing cardio today and I have two options ~ either my book or tv! Either way, I plan on getting a good workout today during lunch!

Vacation is's back to reality now!

We had a wonderful time!!! The pictures are posted here - though many of the animals are a bit blurred. We mostly saw them in the evening or early morning and since a flash won't work from that distance & I didn't have a tripod they aren't all crystal clear. We also took a lot out of the car window while driving along trail ridge road in the Rocky Mountain National Park. It was so breath-taking and the pictures really do not do it justice. It was overwhelming to see & at times scary to drive through!!

We left out the morning of the 17th and spent on night in Amarillo and the 2nd night in Denver. We could have made it on into Estes Park, but our reservations weren't until Sunday afternoon. Speaking of reservations...all I can say is that pictures can be quite deceiving. The place we had booked our stay at online was not really what we had anticipated. I won't put the link to the place, but they were if you plan to go to Colorado Park and you see a green cabin don't stay there!!! When we arrived we immediately knew that we wanted to look for other accomodations ~ so we put together a scouting party (My daddy, my sister and her husband, and me and Michael) & headed off to find somewhere else to stay. Now I can rough it, but we all wanted to relax...and that couldn't be done there!

We went to the visitor's center and got a few recommendations and ended up staying at Bugle Point Condos, which are connected to Creekside Suites - both very nice and so beautiful! I have pictures of my own up as well. Within an hour we had everyone moved over and in much better spirits!!!

That night we just sister and I went to the store to get food for dinner and everyone else got unpacked. The next day we started our excursions. We went horeback riding & had a steak dinner prepared for us on the trail; we went river rafting and got frozen from having water fights w/ the other rafts on the river; we hiked at Bear Lake, Alberta Falls, and found a few other trails while out and about on these two relatively easy strolls!

Michael and I spent a couple early mornings and late evenings just driving around looking for wildlife and one evening went on Trail Ridge Road where my nephews went sledding. Michael had done it earlier w/ them, but this time was too cold! We say rams while we were up there, too!!! It was so breath-taking...we were just about at 13,000 feet I think! When they were all out the first time, I took a solo trip over to the Stanley Hotel in town. I missed the last tour of the day so I just walked around on my own. The hotel is supposedly haunted and is where Stephen King was inspired and wrote The Shining. Even though I didn't have a guide I started imaging the kinds of stories they would tell and eventually even spooked myself. At one point I went into the manor, which seemed to be totally deserted, but before I got entirely inside the foyer I turned around and decided I didn't want to venture off alone in a haunted hotel!!! Yeah, I know...there was nothing really there, but I had just built up so many stories in my head while walking around the place!!

Friday morning when we got up to leave I was ready, but at the same time didn't want to leave. I could easily live in Colorado...I would want to live in the city, maybe Denver, so I could drive out to places like we stayed just for the weekend. I loved the weather - I know it was summer and the winters aren't the same, but it would be worth it. It did rain a little one day, but it was not muggy at all. That was the best part. We could really tell the difference as we were making our way back to Houston. We'll go back, though...I know that! Michael is ready to go again! I would like to go during the winter next time, though and go to a ski resort. Estes isn't really known for skiing, but it is a beautiful area.

Well, it's back to work now. It's been nice to not have to worry about answering the phone or emails!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Our bags are all packed,

except for the couple of things still in the dryer, and waiting by the door! My parents are supposed to be here around 6:30 in the morning...then the four of us will meet my sister and her family somewhere and head out I-45...then around Centerville we're supposed to meet my aunt and uncle who are coming from East Texas. My other sister and her husband may not get to go...or maybe only my sister will get to go, but whichever way, they (or she) are going to fly into Denver on Sunday and take one of the hourly shuttles up to Estes Park to meet up with us at the cabins. I have my cameras...the binoculars...warm shoes...snacks for the to play...hopefully everything we're going to need!! I don't think we'll be near computers so you'll have to wait for updates after we get back.

I do want to post about one thing non-vacation related tonight!! Elaine showed me a great project she had been working on & it looked like so much fun, I made some myself! I had bought one at a craft fair and loved it...I'm talking about marble magnets. This was the best site I found on them...and here are the ones that I made: a pretty one (flower), a cute one (frog - this one made me think of Elaine actually), a funny one (As Seen On TV), & a funky one (Budweiser - there is a coke image that matches, but I haven't made it yet...)

Strength Training

I worked out solo again today. I am really proud of myself, b/c my gym buddy hasn't been able to go & my first thought is to make a run for it and go shopping or out to lunch w/ friends...anything but go workout. And both days this week I battled that temptation and won!!

Today I did strength - but upper and lower; though I believe I must have really given my arms a good workout b/c I can already feel it!!

We're leaving in the morning for Colorado and won't be back in Texas until the 25th...we plan on doing some hiking and horse-back riding and while I may not be near a gym, I think I'll definitely get in a good cardio workout or two and maybe even some strength, too!!!

So...stay healthy while I'm away!!! I'll have plenty of pictures and stories to post when I return I am sure!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I'm ready for a migraine free week!!!

And with weather like this, there is no question! Low humidity here I come!!!

The humidity during the summer months is so terrible here - I actually drove to work today w/ an ice pack on my head b/c I went to sleep w/ a headache and woke up w/ the same one.

But next week when we're in Colorado it's going to be wonderful weather! We're actually packing warm clothes b/c in the evenings it will be cold!!! I'll have to check the forecast Thursday night before we leave to see if it still says the same thing!

Solo Workout Today

My exercise buddy couldn't work out today & I was heading out w/ another friend b/c of it, but at the last minute I called and cancelled and said I have to work out instead! I was so proud of myself!! So, downstairs I went and sweated to an episode of The Cosby Show! I haven't lost any more weight yet, but am maintaining those that I lost. Of course last week I wasn't good about working out at how can I expect to have lost anymore?

I'll get in good workouts this week and next week we'll be doing some hiking on vacation so that will definitely be a good cardio workout for me!!!!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Summer far

June 17th - June 25th: Vacation in Colorado
July 2nd: Mesker BBQ & B'day Parties
July 4th: Partying??????
July 9th: Bridal Shower for JessicaJuly
16th: Crop at Jennifer's
(couldn't make it)
July 23rd: Bachelorette Party for Jamie
July 29th: Rehearsal Dinner
July 30th: Jamie & Steven's Wedding
August 6th: Surprise B'day Party
August 13th: Sportman's Extravaganza
August 19th: Rehearsal Dinner
August 20th: Jessica & Tommy's Wedding
August 27th: Abigail's 2nd B'day Party
August 30th: School Starts
September 3rd: Stanley Cup

September 10th: Worchesik Wedding

It's almost time,

and thanks to Elaine I have preordered Harry Potter Book 6 for a 40% discount!! I thought I had put an alert on my Amazon to let me know when I could order it, but I guess that was not to pre-order it! Oh well, it's ordered now...and I also ordered another book that was on my wishlist - I wasn't planning on it, but it was just enough to get free shipping! I read this book when I was in elementary for a book report and I remember that I loved it. I remember thinking that it was such a thick book back then and that it would take me forever to read it, but I also remember once I got through it that I loved it!!! In a way it reminds me of The Secret of NIMH, but instead of rats and mice, it's rabbits...and they aren't nearly as smart as the rats and mice are portrayed! So...I'll read it again (now some 20 years later) and see if I enjoy it as much today as I did back then! I KNOW that I'll enjoy Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince...I have been waiting for this one since I put down Book 5!! Thanks for the heads up Elaine!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Only four more days of work

and then we're off on vacation for ten days! I cannot wait!!! Michael has been counting down the days for about two months!!! I love going on vacation w/ my family, too. We always have such a great time! Michael and I are riding w/ my parents...both of my sisters and their husbands are going...two of my nephews (though one may go off w/ a friend that lives in Denver)...and my Aunt & Uncle are going!! It's going to be so beautiful and peaceful and relaxing!!!

I have to start getting all our things together soon...get laundry done and do a little shopping, too. I only have until Thursday night to finish up b/c Friday morning early my parents will be at our house to pick us up & hit the road! We're all staying in cabins along the river w/ balconies overlooking the water! It's going to be awesome!

Well, I had better get to work...I have a lot to get done this week in anticipation of not being here Friday or all next week!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Thought for the Day

Day 25 – Keeping your goals in sight will help you succeed.
A simple but effective way to keep your goals in sight is to write them down on sticky notes and put them in places you will see them often. When your written goals are out of sight, they are usually out of mind. Keeping your goals in sight, and reading them over and over, will help you stay focused and will help you succeed.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Thought for the Day

Day 24 – Goals give you the ability to be self-directed and in control.
Reading your goals every morning and night will help you stay on course. Memorizing your goals utilizes the part of your brain called the Frontal Cortex. The Frontal Cortex is a system that directs all your thoughts, patterns, and actions. Reading and memorizing your goals every day is like giving the Frontal Cortex the specific directions it needs to organize your thoughts and actions, and gives you the ability to be self-directed and in control. Focusing on your goals will help you reduce stress and increase clarity, satisfaction, and peace of mind.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Thought for the Day

Day 23 – "Are you in or are you out?"
By this point in the program, some people may have already quit. Their goals weren’t meaningful, and, quite frankly, they really never decided to make a change for the better. What are you going to do? Are you ready to give up? Or are you ready to continue on and reap the benefits, both mentally and physically, of finishing the program. Just remember when you hear that voice in you head saying “Quit”, that finishing your one workout today will determine "who I am, what I will look like, and how I will feel about myself tomorrow". Tell yourself, “I want to be a success!”

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Beautiful Girls!

Here are some pictures from this weekend of my pretty nieces!!!

This is my niece Amanda - her Baby Shower was this weekend up in East Texas. It was a great day for it, too!!

This one is my other niece Jessica - who is getting married in August. I cannot believe that she is about to be a married lady...I still see her as my little niece!!! She was getting ready to take her bridal portraits so I snapped a few of her!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

I have been in this office almost a year now.

We moved last August...and this is the FIRST time I have ever seen my windows washed (and to be honest, it still looks dirty to me)!

I decided it was time to pick up my office a bit!

The before photos:

The after photos:

Thought for the Day

Day 18 – The more we work together, the more we can all succeed.
Just think! Whenever you feel the pressures of the program, give your support and encouragement to help someone else who might be struggling with their program today. This will quickly turn your demeanor around.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Thought for the Day

Day 17 – Measure success by what you gain, not by what you lose.
This program is not simply about weight loss. This program is different than all of the popular diet fads out there today. This program is about gaining energy, increasing strength, renewing health, and decreasing body fat. Please do not make the mistake of measuring your success each day, each week, or each month simple by reading the amount on a scale. Instead, measure what you gain not what you lose: Gaining strength. Gaining muscle. Gaining Energy. Gaining Self-respect. Gaining self-awareness. Gaining self-trust. Gaining self-esteem. Gaining back control of your life.

Positive Reinforcement

After my workout I went to get lunch and while I was checking out the cashier told me I looked like I had lost weight!!! She said she could really tell around my mid-section! WooHoo!! Someone noticed!!! I weighed while I was in the gym and I am down 5.5 pounds total since I started. Definitely motivation to continue on! I need to go update my progress bar now...Hee hee!

**update: I'm 10% of the way there**