Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Yay! The hectic time has passed...

and it was hectic right up to the wire!!! But close is done for me as well as the three meetings I had scheduled on top of one another plus another I missed b/c I am having Outlook issues! Whew...going to relax tonight!

So...my little camera fund (sidebar) has been up for a while and I figure it's time to address it. Sure, it's shameless, but I have seen "donate" buttons on many other blogs for no other purpose than to actually ask for $$$. I figured if I am going to put it up, at least give a reason. Before I was married and had a mortgage if I wanted to drop $800 plus on a camera I would. I only had myself to answer to...now, though I feel I pretty much need to justify it and if I really want it then I have to save up the money for it. Don't just grab it out of the checking account and lay it on the counter! So, like a good girl I am actually saving money to buy this wonderful camera that I have had my eye on since it came out...and I already have the lenses to fit it! How meant for one another are we!?!?! So...I followed other bloggers who have put donate buttons on their blogs and put up one myself! I know...shameless!

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