Week One ~ Day One

Monday, May 16, 2005
We had our first meeting today and though we didn't have anything to turn in since we are just starting it got us on schedule. Next Monday (and every Monday after that) we'll turn in our goal sheets from the previous week and get a blank on to work on for the following week as well as weigh in - which is actually optional. There is a lot of optional stuff on this program, but I am approaching it as if it is all mandatory...that's the only way I know I'll do it all!

I had a good b'fast this morning and had a mid-morning snack to get my fruit in and to add another "meal" to my day since I am supposed to eat at least four times a day. I think if I have a mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack of fruit that will accomplish both those goals and take me beyond actually b/c that will be two fruits and five meals a day when the goal was one fruit and four meals! I don't know how hard the evening cut off is going to be...I have a tendency to want to have a late snack while watching TV, maybe that will be a good time to get an extra couple glasses of water in or a glass of skim milk to tide me over and keep me from eating after my cut-off time of 8:00. I'll let ya know!