Thought for the Day

Tuesday, May 31, 2005
Day 11 – Finishing what you start is a habit we can all develop.
Quitting has become a habit for many people. The good news is that we all have the potential to finish what we start, to follow through and honor self-promises. The key is to make a habit of finishing what you start. Everyday you complete a workout, is an example of finishing what you start. Start with individual workouts, then weeks, until you finish the 12 week program. Each day, as you stick with it, you’ll be working to develop your ability to follow through and succeed!

We had our weigh in yesterday since we were out on Monday. I am still 3 pounds down. I didn't lose anymore since the last week, but at least I didn't gain. I didn't get all my water in over the weekend like I should be doing either. I have to learn how to stay on track even when I am out of town!!! And there were a couple nights it was way past 8 o'clock before I had dinner, too! But, I did pretty good & was active all weekend and not just sitting around. Today we're going to work out during lunch. It's already Wednesday and we haven't worked out yet so I can't slack off today!