Thought for the Day

Monday, May 23, 2005
Day 8 – The most important person to stand up to is yourself.
It’s not easy to make the type of changes in your life that you’ve decided to make. When you are struggling to choose not to eat ice cream or get up early to workout, ask yourself, “ Who do I want to be today: the old me or the new me?” If you continue to make decisions the old way, you’re going to continue to produce the old results. To create new results you have to take new approaches. It’s not easy to stand up to yourself, but you can do it!

We had our first "official" Monday meeting today during lunch. The scales were exactly the same as my first weigh in, but that's better than being higher I guess! We also had a nutritionist come in today to talk about serving sizes of fruits and vegetables. The information she gave was pretty good, but what I really liked was the website she gave us to visit. My has so much useful informatin about how to eat can even input your food intake for a day and it will calclulate everything for you. It's a very useful tool that I plan to use to help me stay in line w/ a well balanced diet!

I did well on my nutritional goals for last week, but not so good as far as my fitness goals. It's just going to have to be part of my routine hasn't been for so long that it's hard to fit it into my schedule. I loved doing Pilates and think I'll try to start doing that again in the evenings. I have a lot more room now in my living room to spread out as opposed to being so cramped when we were in the apartment!!!!