Sorry, I haven't updated recently...

Monday, May 02, 2005
but there is some news over at These Old Jeans if you're interested!

Things are getting so busy for this month! I have a baby shower at my house, a work field day, a crawfish boil through Michael's work, finals (next Monday) and then next month we're going on vacation...but right now I am in the middle of close here at work, so I'll have to make this short today!

Our garden is doing so well...I have picked the first vegetables from it: radishes, green onions, bell peppers, and cucumbers! I had pictures, but they aren't all uploaded so I'll post the links when I get them all uplooaded! We're also adding more to our flower gardens. We have two rose bushes now ~ one white and one red! I haven't taken pictures of those yet, but I will.

School is just about over. I had my last test last night and depending on how well I did on that one I may or may not take my final next Monday. I had A's and B's on everything and then didn't do well at all on my Statement of Cash Flows, I'll see what my average is after this grade is posted and if I need the final grade to help my average I'll take it. Since she drops the lowest test grades we don't have to take the final if we're happy w/ our average...we just get a zero for not taking it and then that grade is dropped. She is supposed to get the grades posted quickly so we'll know what we need to do! I feel really confident about last night's test, so hopefully that will reflect upon my grade.

Well, I really have to get finished w/ close. I did most of it yesterday so it shouldn't take me too long to finish it up today!