It's time to really do something!

Monday, May 02, 2005
This morning in my inbox I had the following email from the fitness center here at work, so I decided this was the plan for me! I wrote my 100 words as to why I should be selected for this group and sent it in right away!

My 100 words:
"I have battled with weight all my life and for the most part was healthy even though I wasn't small. Now, I am really losing that battle and am afraid that my health is going to suffer because of it. I have been active my entire life up until about two years ago and since that time I can tell a difference in my overall well-being: weight-wise, health-wise, and emotionally. I want to have children soon and am afraid that if I don't do something now not only will my health suffer, but I will also have problems during pregnancy."

The Email:

“A 12-Week Transformation Program”

Do you want to feel better and have more energy? Or perhaps you have wanted to lose some unwanted weight for some time now. Are you finally ready for a change? Are you prepared to commit to making change happen? Then this program might just be for you? The Anadarko Fitness Center is conducting a pilot program entitled "Commit to Get Fit!" and we are looking for 30 employees who are currently ready to commit to themselves (and this program) for the next 12 weeks. Commitment to the program will entail adherence to weekly check-ins (every Monday), completion and turning in of a weekly tracking card of goals and participation in personal goal-setting and pre/post testing. At the end of the program, we will ask for your feedback to help us improve the program for future participants. Most importantly, we ask that you do your best in following the goals you set for yourself so that you can achieve your dreams and unleash your full potential!

The program itself begins on Monday, May 16th. Its purpose is to provide you with a “jump-start” to health and fitness and will hopefully help you to build the necessary momentum to carry forward on your own with a renewed commitment to health and fitness once the program is over. Very specific goals will be set in the areas of nutrition and exercise and support will be provided to help you achieve your goals.

Any employee who wants to make a significant change in how they look and feel and who is at a point that they are ready to make a commitment to themselves and the program is invited to apply. Because we need to find participants who will be dedicated and serious in their resolve, all candidates for this program are asked to tell us in 100 words or less why they would like to participate in the program. All applications to participate in this program must be received via e-mail or inter-office mail by Friday, May 6th.

Those selected to participate will be notified on Monday, May 9th, with a Kick-Off Rally to be held on Tuesday, May 10th. At the Rally we will explain the program in full and hand out program packets to participants. On Thursday, May 12th, we will have a Goal-Setting and Testing Day. This program will be about "Progress, not Perfection". We encourage you to consider this program, either now or the next time we offer it. If a success, we envision offering this opportunity to "Transform Yourself" two or three times per year!

If you have any questions about this program, please contact Rob Palmer, Fitness Center Coordinator, at ext. 61672.

There will be no Health Point incentive for this program.


May 10
Kick-Off Rally - participants will be given their own 3-ring binder containing handouts and log sheet
"Homework Assignment " - prepare for personalized goal-setting to be finalized on Thursday, May 12th in one-on-one session

May 12,13
Complete goal-setting
Sign exercise/nutrition contract
Conduct testing of any desired parameters (weight, blood pressure, % fat, circumferences, strength, flexibility)
Before photos (optional)

May 16 - August 15
Weekly Monday weigh-in - either with the rest of the group at 11:30 am or in a one-on-one session in the morning
Daily e-mails of motivation and support
Receive a weekly goal tracking sheet and health and fitness article
Brief health and fitness talks offered periodically after Monday weigh-in
Exercise programs offered through our on-going PEP (Personalized Exercise Program) service

August 15-19
Final weigh-in and testing
Celebration and Recognition Party
Program review

Whatever your goals are, this program can be personalized to fit you!!!

In Health,
Fitness Center Staff