It's good to be back in the gym...

I went down to the fitness center w/ a coworker. I didn't work out at all yesterday - so today I did 30 minutes of cardio. I did ten minutes each on the stair climber, the EFX, and the stationary bike!! I have to admit before I went down I could have easily said, "To heck with it..." and just stayed in my office, but I feel good now! I thought about going to a beginner's yoga class one every week or so just work on flexibility issues. Maybe as I continue to work out, though it will get better. I am sure tomorrow I'll be feeling soreness in my legs so I'll probably do upper body strength tomorrow; although, my neighbor and I are supposed to go walking tonight so maybe that will work out any would-be soreness!! hee hee...

I also just received today's thought of the day:
Day 2 – Invest your time, don’t just spend it.
Each and every day, we are given 1,440 minutes. Spend time carelessly and you will pay the price: poor health, frustration, low energy, depression. Invest your time wisely – by properly caring for your body, by exercising and eating right – and you will enjoy a healthy rate of return. You will be rewarded with increased positive energy and clarity, which will allow you to do more in the time you have to work with!

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