I made it!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005
I just realized that I didn't let you know that I made it into the Commit to Get Fit program! All day Monday I kept waiting for an email to let me know if I had made it into the program or not. Before I left I even mailed the head of the program to ask if the emails had gone out or not. When I went home I still hadn't received an email so I just figured that I didn't make it in. I was pretty down about it, but figured I would just have to do something on my own. Then on Tuesday morning I had an email waiting on me saying CONGRATULATIONS in the subject line! He had mailed them out after I went home for the day on Monday!!! So Yay me!!

We met Tuesday during lunch to go over the basic design of the program and get our notebooks and handouts. Today at 7 (oh, I gotta run...be back to finish later. It's 6:50!!)

OKay, it's 7:52 now...no, it didn't take that long, but afterwards I had to run back to my house to get my cameras. I am the photographer for our field day today at work and I went off and left them at home! Whew...okay, now back to my original post!

I met with the director this morning and went over my nutrition and fitness goals for the program. I have five nutrition goals and two fitness goals. Everyone has the same first three nutrition goals and then each add two that fit their needs.

1. Stop eating every night by 8:00 pm (I actually had 7:30 and he moved it back)
2. Eat a nutritious breakfast every morning
3. Drink at least 6 8oz glasses of water every day
4. Eat at least one piece of fruit a day (this should help curb my sweet tooth urges)
5. Eat at least 4 meals a day (this is the drag the calories out over the day - help speed up metabolism)

1. Cardio - 4 days a week at least 2 hours a week
2. Strength - 2 days a week at least 1 hour a week

All this is really realistic and attainable goals! We meet every Monday to weigh in and turn in our goal sheets - at that time we'll get another one for the next week and if we find we need to make changes to these goals we can. If it's too easy or too much they can be modified. We will also get daily motivational and informative emails sent to us to help us along the way. And we have to sign a committment contract and have a sponsor who will also have to sign the contract. My neighbor said she was going to be my sponsor b/c she wants to walk/jog in the evenings, but I have decided that I am not going to limit myself to one sponsor alone. She can be one, but I think the more the better. So, do you want to sponsor me?? All you have to do is hold me accountable for reaching my weekly goals. I'll just take each day at a time and make sure I meet my nutritional goals for that day so that at the end of the week I'll have met my weekly goals. As for fitness, I don't have daily goals so I'll have to take those one week at a time! But I'll get it done...I know I can!

I have to go back again at 8:55 to get out my stats measured...weight, BMI, skin folds, flexibility tests, strength tests...the works! It isn't supposed to start until 9:00, but since I am on the committee for our field day today, I have to leave around 9:45...so to ensure that I get everything done he bumped me five minutes to make sure that I was the first one to get in there and get going! How's that for support??

So...wish me luck!!!