I love Fridays in the office

Thursday, May 19, 2005
now that we have gone to a 9/80 workschedule! A. I get off early & B. It's so quiet, b/c half the people are gone!

Today I have been working on a questionnaire that I am going to be sending out weekly to a pilot group for some new software we're trying to integrate into our accounting system. I didn't know how to use the Forms Toolbar in Word before...I knew forms could be created Adobe Acrobat, but I only have Reader on my computer. One of the admins, though, showed me how it could be done in word and I have been playing w/ the document all morning!!!

Otherwise, it's been pretty quiet around here! We're having company over tonight to either watch the game @ 9:00 or a movie. And next weekend is a holiday weekend. Our office is closed that Monday, but since that Friday is my Friday off, it's a four day weekend for me! Yay!!! Michael is going to take that Friday, too - we're trying to make plans to go do something, but just like Saturday it's all still up in the air!

Our summer schedule is getting more full everyday! So far we have our vacation, two weddings, showers for those, and bachelor/bachelerette parties, a new baby coming and more showers for that, many birthdays, and now my 10 year high school reunion! Yep...it's been a decade already!!!

Well, even though it's quiet around here I still have work to do...better get to it!