First semester of Graduate School is over

Monday, May 16, 2005
and I got a B. I have been told that this class is going to be the hardest of all my classes now and it wasn't even a graduate level course. I had three undergraduate accounting classes to take along w/ my graduate courses to get an MBA in accounting and this was the first of those. I can take all my other graduate courses, I just need to get these three done before taking the graduate accounting courses. I'm glad to hear the rest will be easier, but I still find it very hard to believe!

I won't have any courses to take in the summer b/c there is nothing offered for me summer two and I'll be gone for part of summer this fall I am taking a Finance course and am waiting to see if another one of the Accounting courses opens up for more students - it's already full! If they allow more students I'll double up this fall!

Gotta get back to work...just wanted to share!!!