Ah, so nice to see you again!

Tuesday, May 31, 2005
There seem to have been some technical issues around here today...but I think they are all taken care of now!

I had a nice long weekend...five days to be exact!! I got to watch my niece graduate...saw a bunch of classmates from school...went riding around at my sister's new ranch...took lot of pictures...had family over...did a lot of yard work...gave Chinook a haircut...had lunch w/ my parents...and hung out w/ my wonderful hubby!! All the makings of a great looong weekend!!!

My daddy used to give Chinook his hair cuts, so he gave me the clippers and Michael and I had our first dog grooming lesson. Poor Chinook!!!! We'll get better, though!

Now it's back to the grind...but at least this is another short week...four days...and next week is four days, too b/c it's my Friday off!!! This weekend we'll be going back to East Texas for my niece's baby shower and to hang out w/ family. We have such a great time up there and there is a lot of new land to explore since my sister and her husband bought this new ranch. We ride the four-wheelers and gun buggies and my uncle's monster (4-wheel drive toy - I'll have to take pictures this weekend) over all 450+ acres out there! Even without that it's just so nice to have a place to get away to...to relax and enjoy good company! There will be a lot of family up there, too since we're having the shower. Our family is so big, it's wonderful to be able to get them all together b/c we have such a fun time together!

Well, I think I am going to go watch the rest of the ballgame with Michael!