We had a good weekend.

Sunday, April 03, 2005
It turned out that I didn't have to come into the office on Friday after all, thank goodness. I know there will be times when I have to give up a Friday off for certain circumstances, but I don't see what happened last week as one of those circumstances. Anyway, that's over with and I don't want to dwell on it anymore, so that's the last I'll say about it.

I went to my parents' house on Friday. Since we were going out of town we decided to use their Excursion b/c we were taking we had three dogs in two big kennels, plus all of our bags and the cooler and there were four of us - me and Michael, Christopher, & Kristeena - there was just no way my jeep would hold us all. While I was there I took my jeep for an oil change and mother & I ran a few errands, then we came back and all had lunch together. After we cleaned up the kitchen I had to get back to the house. I needed to finish packing for the weekend and had laundry to take care of, too. When Michael got home we cut the grass and watered the lawn before Christopher and Kristeena arrived. We finally made it out of town around 8:00 and arrived a little after 10:00 - we made pretty good time!

Saturday morning the guys got up early and went fishing. Since Kristeena was still sleeping I took advantage and spent several hours in the early morning studying. I have a test tonight and it isn't going to be an easy one! When the guys got back we had breakfast and after they rested a while we all went to my Grannie's house. We all visited for a while before they went back to the lake and Kristeena and I spent the afternoon w/ Grannie.

I haven't mentioned anything before, b/c I really wasn't ready to talk about it, but I found out a while back that my Grannie has Leukemia. The doctor doesn't really seem to be so worried about it affecting her, though. He says it could be five to six years before she experiences any problems b/c of it & since she'll be 91 in four months, his take on it is that natural causes, not the cancer, is what will end Grannie's life. That sounds so harsh to say. It's hard for me to think about either scenario. Next to my mother, my Grannie is the closest woman in the world to me. She is an amazing woman and I cannot imagine being here without her. Grannie and I talk often and about most anything. I usually call her on my way home from work or sometimes during lunch. I couldn't be more proud when I introduce myself as her grand-daughter to people that know her. She is such a inspirational woman; definitely someone to be admired & looked up to. She is being very positive about all this. Since the doctor told her it wasn't something to worry about, she told me that's exactly what she's going to do...not worry about it. It wasn't brought up at all this weekend. When I first found out about it I was extremely upset that I hadn't been told sooner, but now part of me wishes that I didn't know...though I do know that if it did turn out to affect her and ultimately take her life I would never be able to forgive anyone who knew and didn't tell me. Having Grannie be present at my marriage and visit in my own home was such a joy. I've always known there was a chance my children wouldn't know her since I came along so much later in her life than the rest of her grandchildren & it's always bothered me - that's one of the main reasons I never wanted to wait too long to have children of my own, but it was never a true reality to me I don't think. I just always pictured my life in years ahead w/ Grannie in it. Now I am forced to deal with the reality that may not be the truth.

So...it was so nice to be able to spend time with her this weekend. We didn't do anything special - just hung out with her at her house. When Michael & Christopher came back they had a huge bouquet of wild flowers for her. They were so beautiful and had wisteria in it which smelled wonderful!! They were so cute coming in the door w/ this big bouquet of flowers!! And Grannie loved them!!!

We went out for dinner Saturday night and turned in early since we all were up pretty early Saturday morning. Sunday morning I went back down to visit w/ Grannie for a while before everyone got up and I took her back to my aunt & uncle's since otherwise they would have driven down to pick her up for church. Her flowers were still smelling so good! After I dropped her off and went back Michael had everything cleaned and picked up and our stuff packed and ready to go, so we got on the road and made it back to Houston around noon. It was such a gorgeous weekend and so nice to be able to spend time w/ Grannie and just visit. She and my aunt and uncle actually had to leave church early and drive out of town to attend the funeral of one of my Grannie's nieces - a cousin to my mother and uncle, that had passed away this past Thursday.

I tried to study more on the drive home, but reading in the car usually gives me a headache...so that didn't last too long...so last night I broke out the books again and studied for tonight's test some more. I thought about taking 1/2 day off today, but since I am the only one here that can't happen! I have been studying all week and studied good this weekend and will more during lunch so I feel pretty confident about the test. I feel better than I did about the last one and ended up making a B on that, so hopefully I'll do well.

Mother and daddy are flying out today. They are spending the next three weeks in Egypt w/ our family. Yesterday they brought my jeep back to us & brought Chinook. I (and everyone else) still call him my dog even though he lives with my parents now, but he gets to stay with us while they are gone! I wish we could go too, but we'll all be on vacation in June in Colorado...so like Michael said, the sooner they get back, the sooner we'll all be on vacation! I can't wait for that trip - there is going to be 12 of us going, though my nephew is more than likely not going to stay w/ us. He has a friend that lives in Colorado & will probably just be w/ us for the drive up there and the drive home!

I have been working on this post since I got in to work this morning...and am finally able to finish it! I hope you all had a great weekend & enjoyed the beautiful weather that we had.