I think I am done...for now!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005
I really like this layout...simple, clean, non-cluttered!!! I don't like the little disclaimer notice at the top, though. I thought maybe my computer was the only one that the font/template got funky on...but when Kathy told me she didn't like the shadow on the font I knew it wasn't just me. So, I told her to refresh like I do and all would be good again...she did and also let me know the next time she came to visit the ugly shadows were gone!!! Yay!! BUT I put my little disclaimer up there b/c I don't want people to think that I CHOSE that horrid looking font if they happen to come to visit and can't read my posts b/c every letter has a bit shadow underneath it. I did put a shadow on the boxes around my posts, but that still doesn't explain why at times the box disappears and the font gets the shadow...does it??? Tech help please!!! I wish I were more of a Geek, then I would be able to answer these questions for myself!