I don't have morning sickness,

Friday, April 15, 2005
but these are great for the nausea that comes with a migraine, which is what I have had all afternoon. It's a little better at the moment. I went to the health food store today looking for Ginger Chews, but she didn't have them. She had these instead. They are still for sick stomach, but more for motion sickness I think. Needless to say they don't exactly work like the Ginger Chews. I don't think you can take them back, though so they'll still be good to keep around. I might go to World Market tomorrow - I know they have Ginger Chews b/c I was with a friend when she bought some there. That's how I found out that ginger would help with the nause.

Well, I thought I was feeling better, but staring at the computer isn't helping the way I feel at all so I am going to go lay back down.

Oh...one more thing. I also bought one of these at the health food store. That is really what took me in there. A coworker has one and it really helps. Also, daddy works with a lot of people from India and I guess in conversation told them I suffered from bad migraines. They gave him a bottle of Tiger Balm - it was mostly gone, but there was still just enough to try out and know that it helped, too - so I also bought this at the store today. And last, but definitely not least, I keep a box of these in my fridge. They are wonderful. I have an old fashioned ice bag that I put on my head a lot when it hurts, but when I can't hold my arm up to hold the ice bag on my head, these are great b/c they actually stick on your forehead - or wherever you need them. I actually have one on right now. I think it was my last one, though so I need to pick up another box next time I'm at the store.

I just thought I would pass all that along in case anyone who reads suffers from migraines like I do. I haven't found anything that works great. Just found things that at least get me back to being able to function when a migraine hits. If it's too bad nothing works...I am just down for the count and have to go to bed. I did that earlier today and dozed for a while. It helped some - I wish I could have stayed asleep, but noises outside woke me up.