I'm blogging from my living room!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2005
Since Kenny and Elaine came over on Sunday and helped me get my wireless up and running I haven't really used it. Michael has a lot more than me actually - working on his fantasy sports teams in front of the game!!! So...now he's up playing PlayStation and I am doing studying...well, I'm blogging right now, but studying, too!! I needed to see if my professor had answered my email so it was convenient the laptop was handy! I am working on accounting for pension plans right now and it's really so much easier to lay the worksheets out in excel rather than try to draw them out on notebook paper - another reason it was so convenient the laptop was handy!!!

Tomorrow is my Friday off. I plan on getting my hair cut around noon. My neighbor is off, too and we talked about getting together to shop for baby room furniture - she just found out that she is pregnant with her first child! She is so excited!!! I think it will be a lot of fun! Michael is working again this Saturday. I am going to get a massage while he's at work. I haven't had one in a long time & my neck is really crying out for one! I have been having so many headaches lately and my neck is so tight - almost to the point it feels that I have a crick in it all the time. I think if I can get that worked out with a massage it might help out a lot. I'll let you know!

We worked a lot in the back yard this evening. I am going to take some pictures tomorrow so that I can show mother and daddy since they are still in Egypt. I'll have to be sure and post them here, too. We got a storage unit from one of my coworkers that we put in the backyard...great to hold lawn equipment and gardening "stuff"!! We also put down stepping stones to it from the back gate like the ones we put from the patio to the dogs new home - the dog run we built. We also bought a patio set - finally!!! We put that up and Michael had potted a bunch of flowers that we put on the table! It looks so great out there now. I can't wait to be able to sit and enjoy it all!!

Well, I really better get back to the books! Have a good night!