Go to sleep Hanna!

Saturday, April 16, 2005
Michael just left for work...and usually I try to go back to sleep for a while after he leaves. He left about 4:20 and afterwards I shut my eyes and tried to go back to sleep, but instead ended up jus laying here staring at the ceiling...and now I am blogging. I'm still in bed...just not sleeping. Chinook, however, did want to go back to sleep!!! I think the light from the monitor is bothering him, though! Ha Ha!

Ack...I just saw my reflection in the mirror - the only illumination coming from the monitor. It was a bit creepy. I think I'll scoot down so I can't see that again!!!!ha Ha...scardy cat!

I had reset the alarm to get up in a few hours anyway to study. I should be doing that right now, though I am not sure how much I would retain before five AM!!

I originally got online to see if my parents had written me back. Since they have been in Egypt I have only talked to them a couple of times. Mainly we're just emailing and IM'ing from time to time. They write about once a day.

Ah...yesterday when Michael came home I was in the study...I heard him come in and put his stuff down and start playing w/ Chinook. Eventually he came back there where I was holding Chinook and said, "What about we keep Chinook when your parents come back|?" My reply..."Who are you!!" Michael has always loved Chinook he just didn't think it was fair that his dogs had to go outside and mine didn't. He knew they couldn't live in the house, though. I think he just felt guilty b/c he had to put them out. I would love to keep Chinook here full time...after all he is my dog. Since I moved to Houston he stayed at my parents' while I did and would go back and forth after I started living in apartments. I had conceded to the fact the he was no longer my dog when we moved here b/c I didn't want him living outside and thought I would never be able to bring him in the house. I am exstatic at the thought of him coming to stay w/ us for good in the house. Only...how do I break that to daddy? He is pretty attatched to Chinook and it woiuld probably be hard for him to let go now. Maybe he can go back and forth for visitation!!! I don't know...we'll have to talk about it when they get home.

OKay...I'm going to try to go back to sleep for at least an hour...let's see if I can do it this time!

Oh...one more thing....this is why I wish I was more of a Geek! I use Firefox at home and IE at work...I love the way my template looks in IE and while it isn't too bad in Firefox it doesn't look the way I designed it entirely. How do I make it look them same in either browser. Is it my CSS? Or just the formatting in general make work in one browser and not another??? Or do I just have to live w/ them looking different???