Didn't your mother teach you that it was impolite to stare?

Wednesday, April 27, 2005
Yeah, she also taught me not to flash everyone around me at a restaurant!!

Last night Michael and I went out to dinner. We sat in a booth in the middle of the restaurant and one booth up from us on the opposite site a mother and daughter were also having dinner. The daughter was tall and thin and wearing very short wind-shorts and a t-shirt; the mother looked like she used to have that same body. She seemed to still be in very good shape, but didn't have all the right curves she probably had before having children - still thin nonetheless! Point being she was the right size to be wearing the khaki mini-skirt she had on. And while seated she had all the manners of my high school home-economics teacher - sit w/ knees together and ankles crossed (as I am in my chair now in a skirt w/ one leg tucked under the other!!). The problem was when she got up or down or crossed her legs. Every time she got up the knees spread and I got a total view of "everything"! Every time she sat down I got this same view...as well as when she decided to cross her legs as opposed to sitting there w/ her ankles crossed and knees together! I pointed it out to Michael, who had his back to her and couldn't see. His response, "At least she's wearing something under there!!" Well, I have to admit that I agree w/ him!