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Didn't your mother teach you that it was impolite to stare?

Yeah, she also taught me not to flash everyone around me at a restaurant!!

Last night Michael and I went out to dinner. We sat in a booth in the middle of the restaurant and one booth up from us on the opposite site a mother and daughter were also having dinner. The daughter was tall and thin and wearing very short wind-shorts and a t-shirt; the mother looked like she used to have that same body. She seemed to still be in very good shape, but didn't have all the right curves she probably had before having children - still thin nonetheless! Point being she was the right size to be wearing the khaki mini-skirt she had on. And while seated she had all the manners of my high school home-economics teacher - sit w/ knees together and ankles crossed (as I am in my chair now in a skirt w/ one leg tucked under the other!!). The problem was when she got up or down or crossed her legs. Every time she got up the knees spread and I got a total view of "everything"! Every time she sat …

Two memes in less than a week!

Your Inner European is Dutch!

Open minded and tolerant.

You're up for just about anything.

Who's Your Inner European?

found at Christine's

It's still just as disgusting now

as when I thought it was true. I had heard that the finger found in the chilli at Wendy's was false and then read this article today in the Chronicle. Actually it's even more disgusting b/c this means she actually planted someone's finger in the chili!! Where do you get a finger??? I still cannot bring myself to buy chilli at Wendy's even though I know it isn't true.

It's six freaking thirty on Saturday morning...

why couldn't I have just fallen back to sleep??? Now the sun is starting to come up and I know there is no way I'll be able to fall back to sleep. At least I can do something productive (study) instead of surfing the internet!!! Poor Chinook - he has been trying to sleep since I woke up, but between me moving around the light from my monitor he just dozes for a moment and then huffs at me to let me know he IS trying to get some sleep and that I am keeping him up!

Go to sleep Hanna!

Michael just left for work...and usually I try to go back to sleep for a while after he leaves. He left about 4:20 and afterwards I shut my eyes and tried to go back to sleep, but instead ended up jus laying here staring at the ceiling...and now I am blogging. I'm still in bed...just not sleeping. Chinook, however, did want to go back to sleep!!! I think the light from the monitor is bothering him, though! Ha Ha!

Ack...I just saw my reflection in the mirror - the only illumination coming from the monitor. It was a bit creepy. I think I'll scoot down so I can't see that again!!!!ha Ha...scardy cat!

I had reset the alarm to get up in a few hours anyway to study. I should be doing that right now, though I am not sure how much I would retain before five AM!!

I originally got online to see if my parents had written me back. Since they have been in Egypt I have only talked to them a couple of times. Mainly we're just emailing and IM'ing from time to time. They write abou…

I don't have morning sickness,

but these are great for the nausea that comes with a migraine, which is what I have had all afternoon. It's a little better at the moment. I went to the health food store today looking for Ginger Chews, but she didn't have them. She had these instead. They are still for sick stomach, but more for motion sickness I think. Needless to say they don't exactly work like the Ginger Chews. I don't think you can take them back, though so they'll still be good to keep around. I might go to World Market tomorrow - I know they have Ginger Chews b/c I was with a friend when she bought some there. That's how I found out that ginger would help with the nause.

Well, I thought I was feeling better, but staring at the computer isn't helping the way I feel at all so I am going to go lay back down. more thing. I also bought one of these at the health food store. That is really what took me in there. A coworker has one and it really helps. Also, daddy works with a lot…

I'm blogging from my living room!!!

Since Kenny and Elaine came over on Sunday and helped me get my wireless up and running I haven't really used it. Michael has a lot more than me actually - working on his fantasy sports teams in front of the game!!! he's up playing PlayStation and I am doing studying...well, I'm blogging right now, but studying, too!! I needed to see if my professor had answered my email so it was convenient the laptop was handy! I am working on accounting for pension plans right now and it's really so much easier to lay the worksheets out in excel rather than try to draw them out on notebook paper - another reason it was so convenient the laptop was handy!!!

Tomorrow is my Friday off. I plan on getting my hair cut around noon. My neighbor is off, too and we talked about getting together to shop for baby room furniture - she just found out that she is pregnant with her first child! She is so excited!!! I think it will be a lot of fun! Michael is working again this Saturday. I …

I feel terrible this morning.

Michael got up to go into work early - after he left I slept for about another hour and a half and when I woke up I had a dull headache. As I moved around it got worse and worse - I almost called in to take the morning off, but I couldn't remember what all I had going on this morning. Trying to remember just hurt too much! So...I came on it. I went downstairs and had b'fast w/ my coworker and our boss - thought some coffee and starch would help. It isn't. I don't know if this was brought on by all the grayness outside or b/c I didn't get much sleep this weekend. I had a good weekend...I just didn't get much sleep.

Michael worked on Saturday so he left around 4:30 - I was planning to meet his aunt at 6:30 so I didn't get to lay down and get much more sleep. I left around 6:15 to get to her house - we met the rest of the family at Trader's Village - they had a big community garage sale - I was looking for flower pots, but didn't find any. We didn'…

Only fifteen more minutes...

I love Fridays now! Either I don't have to come to work or I get to leave an hour early!! Since today is my Friday to work I'll be leaving in 15 minutes! I just wanted to wish everyone a happy weekend and tell you about the beautiful flowers that my wonderful husband brought home to me yesterday...just because!!!

Have a great weekend!!!!

I think I am done...for now!

I really like this layout...simple, clean, non-cluttered!!! I don't like the little disclaimer notice at the top, though. I thought maybe my computer was the only one that the font/template got funky on...but when Kathy told me she didn't like the shadow on the font I knew it wasn't just me. So, I told her to refresh like I do and all would be good again...she did and also let me know the next time she came to visit the ugly shadows were gone!!! Yay!! BUT I put my little disclaimer up there b/c I don't want people to think that I CHOSE that horrid looking font if they happen to come to visit and can't read my posts b/c every letter has a bit shadow underneath it. I did put a shadow on the boxes around my posts, but that still doesn't explain why at times the box disappears and the font gets the shadow...does it??? Tech help please!!! I wish I were more of a Geek, then I would be able to answer these questions for myself!

We had a good weekend.

It turned out that I didn't have to come into the office on Friday after all, thank goodness. I know there will be times when I have to give up a Friday off for certain circumstances, but I don't see what happened last week as one of those circumstances. Anyway, that's over with and I don't want to dwell on it anymore, so that's the last I'll say about it.

I went to my parents' house on Friday. Since we were going out of town we decided to use their Excursion b/c we were taking we had three dogs in two big kennels, plus all of our bags and the cooler and there were four of us - me and Michael, Christopher, & Kristeena - there was just no way my jeep would hold us all. While I was there I took my jeep for an oil change and mother & I ran a few errands, then we came back and all had lunch together. After we cleaned up the kitchen I had to get back to the house. I needed to finish packing for the weekend and had laundry to take care of, too. When Michae…