We had such a busy, but very productive weekend!

Sunday, March 27, 2005
Since I was off Friday mother came over and we spent the day in Old Town Spring. We didn't find exactly what we had gone looking for, but we did have a great time! Afterwards, she and I started to work in my flower beds. We planted an oleander that his mother gave us, & three hibiscus plants before Michael got home. A couple weeks ago, Michael and I built a sidewalk going around to our back gate and we decided to turn all the area between the sidewalk and the house into a flower bed - so after Michael got home the three of us worked on that! In there we planted an an azalea bush & holly tree (which had a little friend living in it), a sweet broom ( I think that's what it's called), and moved my hydrangea b/c where I had it there was too much evening sun on it!

After all that work we decided we were done for the evening...but on Saturday morning got after it again! Mother and daddy came back and daddy and Michael built a fence for a dog run for the pups! I think they did a pretty good job! While they were doing that mother and I planted a wisteria bush - this wisteria has a little history! On Easter about three years ago coming home from East Texas mother and I pulled over to take pictures of an area filled with wisteria ~ we ended up taking some cuttings which we planted at mother's house. Now we took some cuttings from that and it's growing at my house! We also planted some more jasmine & and a loquat tree, which we have always called a kumquat tree - the fruit is delicious!!!!

When we finished all that we said no more projects for a while, but on Sunday we had another one! After church Michael and I went to lunch together for Easter - we celebrated our Easter with just the two of us b/c we were really too tired to go anywhere - I wished later we had gone to one of our families houses, but we were just so pooped! But while we were eating lunch Michael decided he was going to build a doghouse for the pups - so after we came home from lunch I started studying and he went off to buy materials! It wasn't the smoothest project in the world, but I have to say he did a good job! Especially considering he's never done any type of carpentry work!!! I didn't take a picture yet, but after he gets it just how he wants it and in the back yard I'll take one!

I have all our gardening pictures here if you want to see them! There are some better ones that show the new flower bed along the side of the house! We also put in zinnias and a Bougainvillea in the front yard - you'll see them in the album!

Michael also got a visit from the Easter Bunny this weekend - while we were shopping on Friday mother bought this for Michael! The Easter Bunny brought me something, too...an electric tart burner - I have been wanting one b/c I don't like using tea lights. They don't last!!! So - thanks Mom,er I mean, Easter Bunny!!! LOL!

So we had a very busy, but very productive weekend! We still say no more projects for a while, though! It's time to enjoy all we've done so far! Michael says now all he's going to do is concentrate on our grass and getting it all to come together - and it really is looking good! Last week while we were outside watering our neighbor came out and asked Michael what he was wrong that his grass didn't look like ours!!! LOL - Michael had fun telling him about everything he did to make the grass grow nicely!

Now it's another week - back to work, but this Friday is my Friday off so this will be my third four day week in a row! Very nice!

I hope you all had a great weekend too and had a Happy Easter!