Oh, the agony of it all...

Thursday, March 31, 2005
today is my Friday. I am off tomorrow b/c of our 9/80 schedule. Tomorrow is also close for the end of the month, but since I won't be here I pushed my schedules up to today instead. This morning I sent over a list of things I needed to get done by another group for me to close...it is now 4:46 - past the time I am supposed to go home...and is it done?? NOPE!

I have been working on close most of the day dealing with other issues b/c I was sure what I needed from them would be done since I sent the request over at 10:46 this morning. Around 2:00 I was finally finished with all other issues and ready to get finished with everything...hit a couple other snags, more specifically an hour and a half wait on IT, and finally was ready closer to 3:30 at which time I find out this other group still hasn't completed their part for me! Um...hello? What's going on down there? So...after a couple emails to and from them, I just got up and marched my happy butt down to see what the hold up was.

She was in the process of working on my request when I came down, but was herself having problems. She then proceeded to tell me she had 13 other projects going on - wait, stop right there. THAT'S WHY I SENT MY REQUEST EARLY THIS MORNING!!!!!!! So...she handed it off to someone who was better at it and told me they would call me when it was ready. That was just after 4:00 - I just sent another email to get an update and inform them that I didn't plan on coming in tomorrow b/c it was my day off! No...sorry, not giving that up! I have too much to do tomorrow and I scheduled my close specifically around that!

Can you tell that I am a bit frustrated? I went in to vent to my boss and found out he'd received the same treatment from our travel department. He and another coworker are going to one of our other offices next week and he asked two days ago for arrangements to be made and nothing has been done yet! Is it a full moon or something???