It's been such a nice weekend...

Saturday, March 19, 2005
Yesterday (since I was off) I drove down and picked Michael up from work to have lunch...afterwards I drove over to Elaine's new office to pick her up for lunch (no...I didn't have two lunches...LOL) and we had such a nice time!!! When it was time to take her back to the office I decided to drive over to the mall & I am so glad that I did! I wanted to stop by Origins to pick up some powder and it turns out they were having an "event" long as you bought two products, any two products, you received a chair massage, facial, & make-over! Who would say no!?!?

So...I first sat down for my chair massage, which was wonderful & definitely needed, which first started with some aroma-therapy! Ahhh...afterwards, I was moved over to another section where I was given a delightful facial & while this was going on two girls who are in cosmetology at Conroe High School massaged my hands & arms the entire time! After about fifteen minutes of that I was taken over to another area to get a make-over & I have to so I really liked the job the girl did! I ended up buying a little more than just the powder (which is the plan I'm sure...), but not too much and with the amount I spent I got a free jar of ginger salt-scrub, which I love! What a great afternoon...

By the time that was over with I decided just to head back home b/c I wanted to get a couple hours of studying in and it was getting close to time for Michael to be home from work.

We didn't do anything last night b/c the alarm went off at 3:30 for him this morning to meet his dad and brother and head out to the deer lease...that's where he is now, though they'll be coming back this afternoon. I managed to sleep a little while longer and about 7:00 was up and studying some more...I managed to study for about an hour before my daddy came over. Mother is up in East Texas so he and I spent the day together. I cooked us breakfast and we sat and had coffee then he helped me do some things on the computer. He & Michael are going to build a dog run in the backyard for the pups, so we decided to go ahead and get the materials we headed to Lowes and ran into two of my coworkers who were buying materials to build the exact same thing!!!! After we brought the materials back to the house we went to Frys to buy a router so I could finally get the laptop up and running wireless so Michael can use it upstairs. We ended up not buying it, though b/c I want to get the exact same one daddy has b/c it works really good, but we couldn't remember the speed of after he checks his out tonight I'll go back another time and buy it. By this time it was getting close to lunch and we decided to go to Pappa's & have their delicious Greek salad! We enjoyed our meal and came and chilled at the house before daddy decided to go home. It was really a great day. Daddy and I don't really get to spend that much time just the two of us, so I am glad we had the chance today!

Tonight my neighbors are having a house-warming, so I am going to go jump in the shower to get ready. I made them a card and am going to take over a bottle of wine. We really have good neighbors all around us!!!