I am so not in the mood to work today...

Wednesday, March 23, 2005
there are a lot of people out of the office today since tomorrow is Good Friday. Those on the B schedule of our new 9/80 work schedule have today off anyway, b/c tomrrow would have been their Friday off - since it's a holiday, they get today off. It's really quiet around here. Days like today are usually when I get a lot of work done b/c I don't have a lot of people calling or stopping by my office. Today, though, I am slacking. I never have time to post or read anyone's blogs while I am at work (which I shouldn't be doing anyway I guess), but this morning I went through all my blogrolls and checked in on everyone! I didn't leave any comments, but those who check will see me I guess! I am really behind no my blog reads. I did manage to update Jeans today, though!

It's yucky looking out of my window today. Yesterday was so nice and now the weekend is supposed to turn nasty again. Why on the weekend?? We were talking about going up to East Texas this weekend. Michael wanted to go fishing...but since the weather isn't going to be nice we decided we'd see what it was like next weekend instead. Saturday I think my daddy and Michael are going to build the dog run for the pups if the weather is nice. On Sunday I want to go to sunrise services w/ my parents for Easter - hopefully we'll be able to go!

Otherwise, things are copacetic around here!!! School going well. Work going well. Home going well. All is well!

I guess I am just in a funk today - I feel like the weather outside. Kinda gray and dreary. I have another three day weekend starting tomorrow. I should be upbeat about that, but nah, not really. I would have just preferred to stay in bed today under the covers. May be due in part to the fact that I am not sleeping well b/c I wake up coughing every hour or so. I am going to have to get on some allergy medicine and stick with it! I took some for a while and when things cleared up I thought I would be alright and ended up giving what was left to my grannie for her allergies. Now, b/c I quit taking it, they are acting up again. I never thought allergies would affect me. I always thought it was just in your head - well, it is if you think about it I guess. It's literally putting pressure all over my head!

Maybe during lunch I'll run over to Walgreens and get some OTC allergy meds to start taking again and something else to take at night to help me sleep through the night without waking up in the neighborhood from coughing up my lungs! I guess I just jinxed myself b/c as I was thinking at least I didn't cough all day, I've started coughing as I am sitting here writing this post.

Argh - I'm off to the medicine cabinet to find a cough drop!