Thursday, March 31, 2005

Well, the afternoon didn't get much better...workwise anyway.

Not long after my last post I decided to go back downstairs and check to see if the work was done or not...and not only did I find that it wasn't done yet, they had all gone home!!!!!! Without. A. Word. I sat on my hands all afternoon waiting on them and when they got ready to go home, they went! I have never been so livid in my life. Sure...I can understand their day was over and it was time for them to go home, but so was mine and I was waiting on them and they didn't even have the courtesy to give me a call and let me know that they weren't going to finish it - NO. THEY JUST LEFT! I don't have a clue how long they left before I went downstairs either.

I checked all over the place to make sure she wasn't in someone else's office and I even asked her boss - he thought she had gone home for the day, which it turns out he was right.

So...I had decided that I was just going to have to go into work tomorrow, which really aggravated me, but she doesn't come in until about an hour and a half after I thought I could just have her call me when she made it in...then I just decided heck no! It's my Friday off...I have plans made for the day...she can take care of it. So...I did what I could to get my work into the system, left a voice mail about what stage I was at, and asked that when she finished her side she could just transfer mine in!! I did leave my cell phone number in case it didn't go through smoothly she could call me and I could come finish it. I'll probably end up calling her about nine in the morning anyway to check on the status and will have to go take care of it myself anyway.

I know she and her group are just as busy and that's fine...but the fact that I was down there around 4:00 and was told, "I'll call you when it's done..." and within two hours she just left without even the professional courtesy to call me and let me know when she knew I was waiting on her made me livid!

So...after some brief venting I left and by the time I came home my red face was just a pale pink! Michael was outside watering the grass when I got home and our neighbors were heading out to dinner and asked us to go, so we took off. After a nice dinner we came home and the guys went inside and us two gals decided to go for a walk. I think we're going to start walking in the evenings. Not on Mondays b/c I have class, but maybe the other four weekdays. I felt so great after we got back...we stretched for a little bit and then headed inside! We really did luck out with our neighbors. Everyone we have met that lives around us is so nice and the two we went to dinner with are close to our age, newlyweds, in their first house just like us. We have a lot in common with them and get along really well. Michael and he are into a lot of the same things - hunting, fishing, softball, & now working in the yard! She likes to scrapbook and loves to talk! They are really great! I look forward to building friendships with everyone that lives around us. fingers are swollen. I guess from walking or the humidity, but my rings are stuck!!! LOL - oh well, maybe if I keep up the walking they'll get too lose b/c I'll lose weight and then just fit when they swell!!!

Oh, the agony of it all...

today is my Friday. I am off tomorrow b/c of our 9/80 schedule. Tomorrow is also close for the end of the month, but since I won't be here I pushed my schedules up to today instead. This morning I sent over a list of things I needed to get done by another group for me to is now 4:46 - past the time I am supposed to go home...and is it done?? NOPE!

I have been working on close most of the day dealing with other issues b/c I was sure what I needed from them would be done since I sent the request over at 10:46 this morning. Around 2:00 I was finally finished with all other issues and ready to get finished with everything...hit a couple other snags, more specifically an hour and a half wait on IT, and finally was ready closer to 3:30 at which time I find out this other group still hasn't completed their part for me! Um...hello? What's going on down there? So...after a couple emails to and from them, I just got up and marched my happy butt down to see what the hold up was.

She was in the process of working on my request when I came down, but was herself having problems. She then proceeded to tell me she had 13 other projects going on - wait, stop right there. THAT'S WHY I SENT MY REQUEST EARLY THIS MORNING!!!!!!! So...she handed it off to someone who was better at it and told me they would call me when it was ready. That was just after 4:00 - I just sent another email to get an update and inform them that I didn't plan on coming in tomorrow b/c it was my day off! No...sorry, not giving that up! I have too much to do tomorrow and I scheduled my close specifically around that!

Can you tell that I am a bit frustrated? I went in to vent to my boss and found out he'd received the same treatment from our travel department. He and another coworker are going to one of our other offices next week and he asked two days ago for arrangements to be made and nothing has been done yet! Is it a full moon or something???

Sunday, March 27, 2005

We had such a busy, but very productive weekend!

Since I was off Friday mother came over and we spent the day in Old Town Spring. We didn't find exactly what we had gone looking for, but we did have a great time! Afterwards, she and I started to work in my flower beds. We planted an oleander that his mother gave us, & three hibiscus plants before Michael got home. A couple weeks ago, Michael and I built a sidewalk going around to our back gate and we decided to turn all the area between the sidewalk and the house into a flower bed - so after Michael got home the three of us worked on that! In there we planted an an azalea bush & holly tree (which had a little friend living in it), a sweet broom ( I think that's what it's called), and moved my hydrangea b/c where I had it there was too much evening sun on it!

After all that work we decided we were done for the evening...but on Saturday morning got after it again! Mother and daddy came back and daddy and Michael built a fence for a dog run for the pups! I think they did a pretty good job! While they were doing that mother and I planted a wisteria bush - this wisteria has a little history! On Easter about three years ago coming home from East Texas mother and I pulled over to take pictures of an area filled with wisteria ~ we ended up taking some cuttings which we planted at mother's house. Now we took some cuttings from that and it's growing at my house! We also planted some more jasmine & and a loquat tree, which we have always called a kumquat tree - the fruit is delicious!!!!

When we finished all that we said no more projects for a while, but on Sunday we had another one! After church Michael and I went to lunch together for Easter - we celebrated our Easter with just the two of us b/c we were really too tired to go anywhere - I wished later we had gone to one of our families houses, but we were just so pooped! But while we were eating lunch Michael decided he was going to build a doghouse for the pups - so after we came home from lunch I started studying and he went off to buy materials! It wasn't the smoothest project in the world, but I have to say he did a good job! Especially considering he's never done any type of carpentry work!!! I didn't take a picture yet, but after he gets it just how he wants it and in the back yard I'll take one!

I have all our gardening pictures here if you want to see them! There are some better ones that show the new flower bed along the side of the house! We also put in zinnias and a Bougainvillea in the front yard - you'll see them in the album!

Michael also got a visit from the Easter Bunny this weekend - while we were shopping on Friday mother bought this for Michael! The Easter Bunny brought me something, electric tart burner - I have been wanting one b/c I don't like using tea lights. They don't last!!! So - thanks Mom,er I mean, Easter Bunny!!! LOL!

So we had a very busy, but very productive weekend! We still say no more projects for a while, though! It's time to enjoy all we've done so far! Michael says now all he's going to do is concentrate on our grass and getting it all to come together - and it really is looking good! Last week while we were outside watering our neighbor came out and asked Michael what he was wrong that his grass didn't look like ours!!! LOL - Michael had fun telling him about everything he did to make the grass grow nicely!

Now it's another week - back to work, but this Friday is my Friday off so this will be my third four day week in a row! Very nice!

I hope you all had a great weekend too and had a Happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I am so not in the mood to work today...

there are a lot of people out of the office today since tomorrow is Good Friday. Those on the B schedule of our new 9/80 work schedule have today off anyway, b/c tomrrow would have been their Friday off - since it's a holiday, they get today off. It's really quiet around here. Days like today are usually when I get a lot of work done b/c I don't have a lot of people calling or stopping by my office. Today, though, I am slacking. I never have time to post or read anyone's blogs while I am at work (which I shouldn't be doing anyway I guess), but this morning I went through all my blogrolls and checked in on everyone! I didn't leave any comments, but those who check will see me I guess! I am really behind no my blog reads. I did manage to update Jeans today, though!

It's yucky looking out of my window today. Yesterday was so nice and now the weekend is supposed to turn nasty again. Why on the weekend?? We were talking about going up to East Texas this weekend. Michael wanted to go fishing...but since the weather isn't going to be nice we decided we'd see what it was like next weekend instead. Saturday I think my daddy and Michael are going to build the dog run for the pups if the weather is nice. On Sunday I want to go to sunrise services w/ my parents for Easter - hopefully we'll be able to go!

Otherwise, things are copacetic around here!!! School going well. Work going well. Home going well. All is well!

I guess I am just in a funk today - I feel like the weather outside. Kinda gray and dreary. I have another three day weekend starting tomorrow. I should be upbeat about that, but nah, not really. I would have just preferred to stay in bed today under the covers. May be due in part to the fact that I am not sleeping well b/c I wake up coughing every hour or so. I am going to have to get on some allergy medicine and stick with it! I took some for a while and when things cleared up I thought I would be alright and ended up giving what was left to my grannie for her allergies. Now, b/c I quit taking it, they are acting up again. I never thought allergies would affect me. I always thought it was just in your head - well, it is if you think about it I guess. It's literally putting pressure all over my head!

Maybe during lunch I'll run over to Walgreens and get some OTC allergy meds to start taking again and something else to take at night to help me sleep through the night without waking up in the neighborhood from coughing up my lungs! I guess I just jinxed myself b/c as I was thinking at least I didn't cough all day, I've started coughing as I am sitting here writing this post.

Argh - I'm off to the medicine cabinet to find a cough drop!

It's been a while since I posted here...

I can really tell that I am getting beyond that "little overweight" stage b/c my family keeps harping on me about how if I don't be careful about my weight I am going to either become diabetic, have high blood pressure, or heart problems...and even go so far as to say when I have kids if I am too overweight they won't be healthy. That isn't what convinced me that I am beyond that "little overweight" stage, though - what convinced me is that whenever I talk to friends about what my family says instead of getting that familiar, "You aren't even that big..." comment I get silent confirmations that they agree with what my family says...sigh!

No...this isn't a pity party. I know I am overweight. I think since I have been at this job I have gained about 40 pounds. Yep, you read that right. One positive thing is that my weight is distributed very proportionately. I guess that's why I was able to get away with a few added pounds for so long. It isn't all in my stomach or my rear - I've got big boobs and they get a lot of it & I do have a bit rear, but it isn't straight out or's just very round. I have always had a small waist, but now I can see that is starting to change, too. I guess as long as my waist was still small I didn't think I was too big. And it's still small in proportion to the rest of me...I still have an hour-glass's just a big hour-glass!!!

Michael has gained weight since I met him - he isn't overweight by any means. He was pretty skinny when we first met and back then played softball all the time. He hasn't played in a while now and he's put on some pounds that he would like to lose. He is trying to make healthier eating choices now and I am grateful for that b/c it helps me as well. I really don't think the foods we eat are the problem so much as the lack of exercise. Michael was very active while he was playing softball and those of you who know me, know that I have worked out & been active all my life, until a couple years ago. I don't know what happened. I don't know if I just got too comfortable or I just gave up on it or what. That's my biggest fear - that I'll honestly just give up and lose the battle all together with not only my weight, but my health. I don't want that. I am not even 30 years old yet...almost, but still not quite there. I used to work out five days a week - sometimes twice a day!!! Now it's like I have hit a brick wall - like I have been running from my weight all these years and since I quit running all the weight I've lost has caught up with me!

These kinds of posts always seem like they are the beginning of a new "me" or something, but even after I write all this out and I know that I need to do something, I still don't change anything. I would hate to think that I had already given up. I pray that isn't what has happened, but I just do not have the motivation and until I find it, I am afraid it's hopeless. The only real change is that at least I am paying close attention to what foods I am eating and trying to make healthier decisions. I guess that's one thing. I don't want to be "Fat 'n Happy" - I want to be Healthy 'n Happy - I just haven't found the drive to do anything serious about it. Am I making excuses? It sounds like it.

So...this sounds like a lot of mindless ramble or something to me now b/c I know that I am not going to wake up in the morning and all of a sudden become Miss Workout Queen again! You hear all these testimonies and success stories of people who have lost so much weight & they tell you that one day they just decided "Today is the day." Well...when's my day?? I know, I have to be the one to make that tell me why I haven't yet? could you know if I don't even know!?!?

It's allergy time again in South Texas.

You know I grew up in the middle of the Piney Woods & as I hope you can gather by the name, it's full of pine trees!! This time of year the pine trees are full of pollen, mostly noticed on the hoods of all the cars parked outside and also if you stop to look up at the trees!

I never had any problems from the pollen growing up, but over the last six years that I have lived here I have noticed that every year I get a little more sick every year at this time. It doesn't bother me too much during the day, except that I sneeze all day, but in the evening is when I start the coughing and weezing...and when I lay down at night my throat and chest just feel like they completely close up on me and I do good to make it through the night without waking up from coughing - or waking up Michael! After I get up this lasts until about 10:00 and after that everything seems to be alright again, until the evening comes. I think I am going to have to start taking Claritin or something every day this time of year, but I am so terrible about taking pills - I never remember to take them everyday!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

It's been such a nice weekend...

Yesterday (since I was off) I drove down and picked Michael up from work to have lunch...afterwards I drove over to Elaine's new office to pick her up for lunch (no...I didn't have two lunches...LOL) and we had such a nice time!!! When it was time to take her back to the office I decided to drive over to the mall & I am so glad that I did! I wanted to stop by Origins to pick up some powder and it turns out they were having an "event" long as you bought two products, any two products, you received a chair massage, facial, & make-over! Who would say no!?!?

So...I first sat down for my chair massage, which was wonderful & definitely needed, which first started with some aroma-therapy! Ahhh...afterwards, I was moved over to another section where I was given a delightful facial & while this was going on two girls who are in cosmetology at Conroe High School massaged my hands & arms the entire time! After about fifteen minutes of that I was taken over to another area to get a make-over & I have to so I really liked the job the girl did! I ended up buying a little more than just the powder (which is the plan I'm sure...), but not too much and with the amount I spent I got a free jar of ginger salt-scrub, which I love! What a great afternoon...

By the time that was over with I decided just to head back home b/c I wanted to get a couple hours of studying in and it was getting close to time for Michael to be home from work.

We didn't do anything last night b/c the alarm went off at 3:30 for him this morning to meet his dad and brother and head out to the deer lease...that's where he is now, though they'll be coming back this afternoon. I managed to sleep a little while longer and about 7:00 was up and studying some more...I managed to study for about an hour before my daddy came over. Mother is up in East Texas so he and I spent the day together. I cooked us breakfast and we sat and had coffee then he helped me do some things on the computer. He & Michael are going to build a dog run in the backyard for the pups, so we decided to go ahead and get the materials we headed to Lowes and ran into two of my coworkers who were buying materials to build the exact same thing!!!! After we brought the materials back to the house we went to Frys to buy a router so I could finally get the laptop up and running wireless so Michael can use it upstairs. We ended up not buying it, though b/c I want to get the exact same one daddy has b/c it works really good, but we couldn't remember the speed of after he checks his out tonight I'll go back another time and buy it. By this time it was getting close to lunch and we decided to go to Pappa's & have their delicious Greek salad! We enjoyed our meal and came and chilled at the house before daddy decided to go home. It was really a great day. Daddy and I don't really get to spend that much time just the two of us, so I am glad we had the chance today!

Tonight my neighbors are having a house-warming, so I am going to go jump in the shower to get ready. I made them a card and am going to take over a bottle of wine. We really have good neighbors all around us!!!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I have tried to publish two posts now

and lost both of them! Maybe this one will actually make it to the WWW!!! It's so beautiful outside today! I wish I had the day off!!!

Tonight we're going to see Kenny Chesney at the rodeo so it's going to be a late night for us. Then Friday night we're going again to see Pat Green and the last night we're going to see Clay Walker! I think we went a lot more last year, but this is plenty this time! I hope we make it in time tonight to see the bull riding before the concert.

We had some excitement on Monday - not the good kind either. Michael called me about four and told me that he had a blowout!! It wouldn't have been too bad except for the fact that his spare was I had to drive down and pick him up so we could go air up his spare tire. Afterwards I followed him to Discount Tire and we bought a replacement for his tire that blew out. When they finally got us taken care of I headed back up to the north side just in time to buy a cup of coffee from the vending machines in the university center and walk into class. I was weary about drinking the coffee from the machine, but I have to admit it wasn't too bad! It will work anytime in a crunch!

I also got my grades back from my last exam - I made the exact same grade as before - and 86. The class average was 76, so that made me feel a little better, but I was still rather disappointed, especially when I saw four points that were needlessly lost and had I not made these silly mistakes would have brought my grade to an A!!

Well, it's time to get out of here now!!!!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Happy Birthday Mommy!!!


I am getting used to the shorter hair.

It isn't really short by most standards, but after having my hair so long for so long (sorry...hee hee) it seems really short to me! Sunday we went to my sister's house where she, our other sister, and I fixed a b'day dinner for my mother. Her birthday isn't really until tomorrow, but we had it early b/c my daddy had to leave for work yesterday. It was nice, though. And mother didn't even know it was for her birthday. She just thought we were all getting together for dinner! We didn't stay too late, though b/c I had to come back and keep studying. I had my second test last night. I actually took off a half day to go home and study some more before the test. I don't know why I didn't have any confidence about this test. I have been working on it every day. It wasn't nearly as bad as I was afraid it was going to be, though it wasn't an easy test by any stretch! Hopefully our grades will be posted before the weekend! I have a busy weekend and don't want to be running back and forth to the computer checking grades!!

Friday is my Friday off and I have a doctor's appointment that morning. After that I have a lot of errands to do for Saturday b/c Saturday afternoon I am having a Stampin' UP/Crop party at my house and that morning I am going to a baby shower with my mother-in-law so I want to be sure it's all done on Friday. I can already tell this weekend is going to fly by!

We had planned on having a party to have everyone over once we were all settled in the house and then we never did. We had family over for Michael's b'day and we have had a few friends visit, but this will be the first real friend gathering at the house. I'm excited to play hostess! It was never as much fun in the apartment b/c everyone was always stepping over one another! Not a problem anymore thankfully!

I think we're going to watch a scary movie tonight!!! This is a big deal b/c I love them and Michael never wants to watch them! When I was little my brother and I used to watch them all the time!!! I think one of Michael's coworkers must have told him what happened in the movie, though - otherwise I don't know if he would want to watch it!!! Even though I love scary movies, I still get very scared, so I am glad I'm not staying alone! Friday night I stayed alone for the first time in the new house. I had a bad sick headache so all I was thinking about was going to sleep, otherwise I think it would have been a little scary for me. Even though I lived alone for a while, I am used to Michael being there now!

Otherwise, things are going alright! Busy with school, super-busy with work, and just enjoying life! We're also planning a vacation for this summer and now we have a wedding this summer as well!!

Okay, I had better get back to work! I hope you're having a great week so far!!!