Michael has been working overtime this week...

Friday, February 11, 2005
going in at 5:00. Work for me has been so busy that I have been working longer hours, but since I am awake when he leaves anyway, I decided rather than stay so late every evening at work to just come into the office early instead. I get here anytime between 5:00 and 5:30 and I can't believe how much work I can get done by the time everyone else gets here. When I arrive there is no one else on my floor, my phone doesn't ring, I don't get an email alert every five minutes - it's calm and quiet and I am productive! It also gave me a few minutes to write this today! I haven't had a chance to get on my blog at work much at all in weeks - not even at lunch b/c usually I'm working or studying during that time, too. And when I get home at night I really don't sit down in front of the computer that much - Michael is usually on it!!! :)

So...it's nice to have a moment this morning to say hello to everyone, too! So...HI!

Michael is also going to be working this weekend so that will give me some alone time at home to get some studying done. I still haven't seen our test grades posted, though I did see my first home work grade! The assignment was worth ten points - the class average was 7.41 - I got a 10! Yay for me!!! That makes me feel even more confident about my exam! I really hope she gets the grades up before the weekend b/c otherwise I really don't expect to hear until Monday night at class. I think Michael was proud of me for my grade, too!

OKay...I have to get back to work now! Have a great weekend!