I am turning into a weekly blogger...

Monday, February 21, 2005
though I don't mean to be. I just have so much work to do that I don't get anything personal done at work (which is the why it's called work, right?) and at night I am usually studying so I don't get any blogging done there, either. This weekend I got to study in the country! We went up to East Texas for the weekend and while Michael went off fishing I stayed behind at the trailor and did homework and studied! My parents were there, too but they did their own thing while I studied. It was very relaxing and I was able to get a lot done.

I finally got my first test grade back. I have to admit I was a little disappointed. I knew there was one problem that I was unsure about, but when I received my test back I saw that I made a couple of avoidable errors on other questions that ended me up with a B for my first test. :( Oh well...it was still higher than the class average! That made me feel a little better about it. When our professor passed back our test to look at she said, "When I show you what you did wrong some of you are going to slap your forehead and say OH YEAH!" and she was right...there was a lot of that going around!

I have another test coming up next Monday. Since our class only meets once a week we have a lot more material to cover in each class time. Every week we cover a chapter and then have a test after every two chapters! We are also assigned a lot of homework, of which only one problem is to be turned in, but in order to learn everything you HAVE to do the homework! That is what's keeping me so busy every night.

Michael's dad is talking about going to the deer lease this weekend and if that's the case I am going to devote all day on Saturday to studying. I try to do as much as possible during the week so that I don't spend 100% of the weekends studying b/c that isn't fair to Michael...so I'll take advantage of being alone if he goes out of town to study. Friday night I am planning to meet up with the gaggle...I haven't seen them in forever!

Well, I got interrupted writing this post and now that I am back it's time to start shutting down. On Mondays I don't work late ever b/c I want to have time before class to go over my homework and remember what questions I have!!!

(Mondays also remind me how much we need TiVo b/c Michael tapes The Bachelorette for me with the VCR - how antiquated are we!?!?!?)