Sunday, February 27, 2005

Eight inches gone!

Yep, Saturday I finally did it! I cut off eight inches of my hair. It really needed it so bad. I hadn't been getting it trimmed on a regular basis like I should have and since my hair is so curly I had some bad split ends. I actually didn't want but about six inches cut off, but the girl I got to cut my hair just took off!!! She kept saying, "Trust me"...and to be honest, I do really like it and it feels so much better and healthier, but it is still taking some getting used to!!! Though, I plan on getting it trimmed regularly so that I can grow it out again! Before it was at my waist b/c I could reach my hand around my waist and play with the ends of my it's just above my bra strap!! I'll have to get Michael to take a picture of it so I can post it! It really does feel so much softer and the ends even feel thicker, too!!! I can't believe it's all gone, though! Michael said it made me look younger...hee hee!!!!

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