Ah...a moment to breathe!

Friday, February 04, 2005
Between work and school I haven't got many. I don't know why, but the same time I started school work all of a sudden got busier than ever. My team is now complete, but I am running from one to another trying to get them settled in - now Ron's team is slowly coming in, too. He got his first two girls last week. Not only that, but accruals and work for the divestiture is all due when I get back next week - yeah, I'm off today, it's my Friday!

As for school, Monday is my first test. I actually feel pretty confident about it, too. I have been studying hard and the homework seems to be getting easier - practice, practice! I haven't studied today, though. Michael and I hit the floor running this morning. We had a lot of errands to do, including finally getting our DL and SS updated - well, he didn't need to update his SS, but he lost his a while back so he got a new card. We also bought some new additions for our flower beds and I bought a lemon tree today! I REALLY need to take some garden pictures soon. It's just been so overcast outside - we haven't had a lot of bright sunny weekend and during the week when I get home I just want to stay in. Maybe tomorrow I'll get some taken...

Tonight we're having dinner at Michael's parents' house for his brother's birthday, which was Tuesday...which was also my daddy's birthday. We had dinner at my parents' house that night. Then tomorrow we're going to the car show with my parents and my sister and her husband. Sunday is the Superbowl - I don't know the plan for that day really, but I know I will have to devote more plenty of time to homework since my test is Monday.

Well, I have some more things to do around the house before we head out to Michael's parents' house...later!