Sunday, February 27, 2005

Eight inches gone!

Yep, Saturday I finally did it! I cut off eight inches of my hair. It really needed it so bad. I hadn't been getting it trimmed on a regular basis like I should have and since my hair is so curly I had some bad split ends. I actually didn't want but about six inches cut off, but the girl I got to cut my hair just took off!!! She kept saying, "Trust me"...and to be honest, I do really like it and it feels so much better and healthier, but it is still taking some getting used to!!! Though, I plan on getting it trimmed regularly so that I can grow it out again! Before it was at my waist b/c I could reach my hand around my waist and play with the ends of my it's just above my bra strap!! I'll have to get Michael to take a picture of it so I can post it! It really does feel so much softer and the ends even feel thicker, too!!! I can't believe it's all gone, though! Michael said it made me look younger...hee hee!!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

It's so pretty outside today!

I wish the weather could stay just like it is right now all the time. It's cool enough for a light jacket and the sky is blue! I love it. Our weather here has been all over the place the last few weeks. It'll be nice to get some constant temperatures soon!

I have so much to do this weekend. Tonight Michael is going to be heading out of town and I am going to meet up with friends for dinner and an evening of catching up! Saturday I have to study b/c I have a test on Monday (no, I won't be just starting...I've been studying), and I have to pick up mother's gift from me and my sisters. (Mother - in case you're reading - NO CLUES!) We're also getting together to cook lunch for her, but we haven't decided if we're doing that Saturday or Sunday now. We'll see! Another tentative plan for Saturday evening is to get together with some girlfriends, either out or at home with good movies - all after I study some more! I also have laundry and the floors to clean - I guess that's pretty much a constant on the to-do list!

Work is still just as busy as ever. For a brief moment I thought I was seeing sunlight, but I think I was just hallucinating! If I didn't have meetings to go to every day or could disconnect my phone I might get a little more work done! I think I already said this, but I am doing my job plus all the work that was previously being done by about four or five in another office that are now gone, on top of the fact that my area expanded this quarter to Central Texas along with what I already took care of for the Gulf of Mexico! Whew!

I'm on lunch right now and should actually either be studying or working, but it's been a long week and it's Friday and it's beautiful outside (though I'm not outside to enjoy it), so I decided to take a blog break!

I actually do have a bit of news...might not be interesting to some of you, but Michael and I are starting a vegetable garden! We built it this week, but have to get some more dirt and are planning to start planting next month! We want to have onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and zuchini. We might put some more things in, but we'll have to see how much room we have! It's only 8 X 8 feet, which isn't too small, but still we can't crowd it! I think it's going to be fun and I love fresh tomatoes so I am looking forward to those. Mother always had a little garden at home and it was so nice to be able to bring the fresh vegetables to the table. We would have sliced cucumbers and tomatoes on the table at most meals! I need to take a picture of it to document its growth!!!!

I think I am going to go downstairs to the cafeteria and get something to drink! I had soup for lunch today and it was a bit salty!

Have a great weekend!!!!

Monday, February 21, 2005

I am turning into a weekly blogger...

though I don't mean to be. I just have so much work to do that I don't get anything personal done at work (which is the why it's called work, right?) and at night I am usually studying so I don't get any blogging done there, either. This weekend I got to study in the country! We went up to East Texas for the weekend and while Michael went off fishing I stayed behind at the trailor and did homework and studied! My parents were there, too but they did their own thing while I studied. It was very relaxing and I was able to get a lot done.

I finally got my first test grade back. I have to admit I was a little disappointed. I knew there was one problem that I was unsure about, but when I received my test back I saw that I made a couple of avoidable errors on other questions that ended me up with a B for my first test. :( Oh was still higher than the class average! That made me feel a little better about it. When our professor passed back our test to look at she said, "When I show you what you did wrong some of you are going to slap your forehead and say OH YEAH!" and she was right...there was a lot of that going around!

I have another test coming up next Monday. Since our class only meets once a week we have a lot more material to cover in each class time. Every week we cover a chapter and then have a test after every two chapters! We are also assigned a lot of homework, of which only one problem is to be turned in, but in order to learn everything you HAVE to do the homework! That is what's keeping me so busy every night.

Michael's dad is talking about going to the deer lease this weekend and if that's the case I am going to devote all day on Saturday to studying. I try to do as much as possible during the week so that I don't spend 100% of the weekends studying b/c that isn't fair to I'll take advantage of being alone if he goes out of town to study. Friday night I am planning to meet up with the gaggle...I haven't seen them in forever!

Well, I got interrupted writing this post and now that I am back it's time to start shutting down. On Mondays I don't work late ever b/c I want to have time before class to go over my homework and remember what questions I have!!!

(Mondays also remind me how much we need TiVo b/c Michael tapes The Bachelorette for me with the VCR - how antiquated are we!?!?!?)

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day!

One year ago today Michael proposed to me!!! We've been married now just over four months!

This was taken just before Michael to enlarge

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 11, 2005

Michael has been working overtime this week...

going in at 5:00. Work for me has been so busy that I have been working longer hours, but since I am awake when he leaves anyway, I decided rather than stay so late every evening at work to just come into the office early instead. I get here anytime between 5:00 and 5:30 and I can't believe how much work I can get done by the time everyone else gets here. When I arrive there is no one else on my floor, my phone doesn't ring, I don't get an email alert every five minutes - it's calm and quiet and I am productive! It also gave me a few minutes to write this today! I haven't had a chance to get on my blog at work much at all in weeks - not even at lunch b/c usually I'm working or studying during that time, too. And when I get home at night I really don't sit down in front of the computer that much - Michael is usually on it!!! :)'s nice to have a moment this morning to say hello to everyone, too! So...HI!

Michael is also going to be working this weekend so that will give me some alone time at home to get some studying done. I still haven't seen our test grades posted, though I did see my first home work grade! The assignment was worth ten points - the class average was 7.41 - I got a 10! Yay for me!!! That makes me feel even more confident about my exam! I really hope she gets the grades up before the weekend b/c otherwise I really don't expect to hear until Monday night at class. I think Michael was proud of me for my grade, too!

OKay...I have to get back to work now! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Here's one that will keep you playing...

Jamie posted this link on her site and I had to share! Have fun!!!

Update: Elaine sent me this link which explains the if you're interested in knowing how it works, check it out!

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

I had my first test last night!

I really think I did pretty well on it. There was only one section that I struggled a little bit with! On the way home I called my friend who is about to graduate with his Masters in accounting and he assured me that once I got through this class it was all downhill from there! I find that hard to believe since the 500 level accounting classes I'll be in sound so intimidating, but if that's what he says, I love to believe it!

Tonight I am going to try to find out the answers to the section that I had such a hard time with. You would think it would be the actual problems that were hardest, but in fact it was the opposite for me. I find the problems so much easier...remember word problems from algebra? That's what I relate them to. The hardest part about them to me is extracting the data from the scenario - once you figure out what's what you should know what to do with it. The two chapters this test was over covered current and long term liablilites - primarily warranty & premium expenses, loss contigencies, bonds, notes, and the amortization of discounts or premiums on those bonds and notes. So, it really wasn't even that much material to cover - so what stumped me if not the problems. My balance sheet recordings!! When & which liabilities to recognize. And then it wasn't the liabilities created by any of the things I had just mentioned either. I answered those fine...there was one question that threw me b/c I couldn't see a liability needed to be recorded at all, which was also an option so maybe I got it right after all. I'll let you know!

So anyway, one test down and many more to go on the road to my MBA!! Wish me luck!

Now I have a staff meeting to attend so I gotta run!

Friday, February 04, 2005

Ah...a moment to breathe!

Between work and school I haven't got many. I don't know why, but the same time I started school work all of a sudden got busier than ever. My team is now complete, but I am running from one to another trying to get them settled in - now Ron's team is slowly coming in, too. He got his first two girls last week. Not only that, but accruals and work for the divestiture is all due when I get back next week - yeah, I'm off today, it's my Friday!

As for school, Monday is my first test. I actually feel pretty confident about it, too. I have been studying hard and the homework seems to be getting easier - practice, practice! I haven't studied today, though. Michael and I hit the floor running this morning. We had a lot of errands to do, including finally getting our DL and SS updated - well, he didn't need to update his SS, but he lost his a while back so he got a new card. We also bought some new additions for our flower beds and I bought a lemon tree today! I REALLY need to take some garden pictures soon. It's just been so overcast outside - we haven't had a lot of bright sunny weekend and during the week when I get home I just want to stay in. Maybe tomorrow I'll get some taken...

Tonight we're having dinner at Michael's parents' house for his brother's birthday, which was Tuesday...which was also my daddy's birthday. We had dinner at my parents' house that night. Then tomorrow we're going to the car show with my parents and my sister and her husband. Sunday is the Superbowl - I don't know the plan for that day really, but I know I will have to devote more plenty of time to homework since my test is Monday.

Well, I have some more things to do around the house before we head out to Michael's parents' house...later!