Welcome to Homeownership!!!

Thursday, January 06, 2005
That was the comment my boss made to me yesterday when I called from lunch and said I wasn't coming back b/c they were tearing down the ceiling in our bathroom and were going to replace it that day! Yep...that's right. We had our first catastrophe in our new home already!

Well, honestly it wasn't that bad. Yesterday morning I woke up to a dripping sound - I thought I had gone to bed and left a faucet partially on, but no! I wish that had been the case. Instead the dripping was actually coming from the ceiling in our bathroom - luckily it was the ceiling in the bathroom and not over a carpeted room in our house. There were wet spots all over - about ten in there. I slightly panicked b/c living in an apartment it you simply called maintenance and they came out and corrected the problem. This is my house, though. I don't have a maintenance office to call. I do, however, have a WARRANTY office to call!!!! Which I did immediately, but since it was 5:30 in the morning no one was there of course. So, I left a message and eventually got in touch with people and when I went home at lunch my driveway had people waiting on me to get inside...they immediately started working to correct the problem.

It turns out a t-joint in our piping had a very small crack in it. They think when the insulation was blown in someone stepped just wrong and cracked it. So, they replaced it...then proceeded to tear out the ceiling and partially the wall in our bathroom. Everything was replaced and the frame was sprayed down with bleach water to insure no mold would grow - and today they are coming back to texture and paint and it will all be as good as new! Wow! I wish I had a team like that to fix all my little problems in life! We had the builder, home inspector, water intrusion inspector, sheetrocker, plumber, and electrician out at different times to make sure everything was done just right! And I give them all an A+, except for the water intrusion inspector!

You would think he would be the one saying tear it all down and put up new b/c you don't want mold. NO! He was the ONLY one saying just the opposite! He wanted us to wait a day and let it all dry out and then only replace that little space that actually had water dripping into our bathroom. After he left I started to tell our home inspector we wanted it all replaced, but she didn't even let me get the words out! She was already ahead of me! She said she didn't want to disagree with him to his face, but if it were her home she would want all new put up...so that's exactly what we had them do. When the sheetrocker came in and she told him that, his exact words were, "It's her home, we're going to do exactly what she wants!" I LOVE good customer service!!! My reply, "I like the way you think!!" I mean C'MON - it's a brand new house! Why even take the risk of mold it in??? I couldn't believe he said that...and then when they took down the ceiling I asked if the frame was wet and sure enough it was, hence the spraying of bleach water on everything! I wish that alleged water intrusion inspector had been around to see that!

Oh well, no sense dwelling! It was all done the way we wanted it and after they paint and texture again today, it will be brand new all over again! Yay! I would say we had a not-too-bad induction into homeownership!!!!!