We're the fattest city...again!

Sunday, January 09, 2005
Houston was rated the fattest city. I hate seeing that in the news. It's not hard to imagine, though with all the great restaurants we have here. Michael and I still haven't started walking. We haven't really had an evening where nothing was going on either, still not an excuse. Tonight we have company coming over and all weekend we were on the go.

Friday night we went to the casino and on the way we decided to just grab something to eat on the way...we ended up going to Whataburger. Now I know that fast food isn't the healthiest, but you can make healthier decisions there. There was another couple with us and she ordered the grilled chicken sandwhich w/ onion rings and a diet Dr. Pepper - I had the breaded chicken sandwhich w/ fries and a regular coke - the difference in calories:
1148.97 calories v. 673.79 & 40.64 fat grams v. 30.30!!!

Breaded Chicken Sandwhich522.9721.14
French Fries386.0019.50
Regular Coke240.0000.00
Grilled Chicken Sandwich472.7919.70
Onion Rings201.0010.60
Diet Dr. Pepper00.0000.00

(OKay...I have no idea why the big space is above my table...weird)

Two years ago the grilled chicken sandwich would have been my choice without thinking...now, I find myself making poor decisions like that more often than not. That's where I really need to make some major changes...I did ask for no mayo and I only ate about 1/2 the fries and gave the rest to Michael, but that didn't take away near the calories that I should have!